A Genuine Angel Has Passed

"Hans", pictured above, was one of the most trusting, loving dogs I have ever known. He was also afflicted with epilepsy, which turned severe and uncontrollable in a very short time. Sadly, but mercifully, Hans was put to sleep on September 20, 2011. His suffering is over.

Hans was surrendered by his owner at a vet in Willows, CA, in April 2011. A team of rescuers eventually brought him to GSRSV's facility, unaware of Hans' medical condition. Hans had his first seizure on May 5, and a battery of tests ultimately determined that he had epilepsy. 

We all knew that Hans would be a long-shot for adoption, but his incredibly kind temperament and soulful eyes caught the attention of a family from Walnut Creek, Cathleen, Alan and Matt Wadhams (at left). The Wadhams adopted Hans on August 4, in spite of the unknown future of his health and the certainty of ongoing medical expenses. 

Hans immediately won over the Wadhams' hearts and became a popular figure in their neighborhood. But not long after adoption Hans' seizures returned, in spite of medications. The Wadhams spared no expense at trying to control Hans' epllepsy, but it was not to be. Hans' epilepsy got worse and worse, and eventually forced the decision that nobody who loves their dog wants to make.

Hans was indeed an angel, but Cathleen, Alan and Matt Wadham are saintly themselves for adopting Hans in spite of his medical condition, and for doing everything they could to control that condition. I know how much the Wadhams loved Hans, because they told me so in their updates. 

Most people are too selfish to risk the heartbreak of losing a dog well before its normal lifespan has played out. The Wadhams are a rare exception. They knew the risks, but they also knew that Hans deserved a loving home--even more so than most dogs. They gave him that loving home, and I am very grateful to them for that. Rest in Peace, Hans.