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German Shepherd Rescue of Sacramento Valley (GSRSV) is a tax-exempt (501-c-3) charitable organization dedicated to finding good homes for German Shepherds and German Shepherd mixes whose caregivers can no longer keep them or which are confined in animal shelters. Established in 2001, GSRSV is operated primarily by one person, Brian Foran.

GSRSV houses most of its dogs at a 45-acre "rescue ranch" in Pleasant Grove, CA, which is also a sanctuary for "unadoptable" dogs as well as Brian's home. GSRSV has a small but steady network of foster caretakers who care for rescued dogs in their homes until they are adopted. Additionally, GSRSV routinely places dogs for their owners who need to rehome them but are able to continue to care for them until adoption.

If you are looking for a wider selection of purebred German Shepherds in Northern California, please visit the Websites of Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue (based in Novato), El Dorado County German Shepherd Rescue (based in Shingle Springs), German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California (based in Cupertino), Golden State German Shepherd Rescue (based in Alameda), Greater California German Shepherd Rescue (based in Modesto), and Second Chance German Shepherd Rescue (based in Walnut Creek).

How to find a dog to adopt from this Website: 

  1. Click on the four selections in large font in the menu to the left, starting with "Dogs Available for Adoption through GSRSV."
  2. If you're interested in adopting a dog available through GSRSV, read the page "How to Adopt a Dog from GSRSV." That page describes my adoption process, and includes my adoption questionnaire and adoption contract. Please hold off on filling out the adoption questionnaire until after the next step!
  3. If you're interested in adopting a GSRSV dog, contact Brian Foran at 916-655-3125 or to learn more about the dog. If the dog seems like a good match for you, I (Brian) will ask you to fill out and submit the GSRSV adoption questionnaire.
  4. If you're interested in adopting a dog from another rescue group, an owner, or a shelter, contact the person or shelter listed for that dog.

URGENT Foster Appeal: 3-yo Male GSD at Tracy Shelter to Be Euthanized Any Day (posted 10-12)

"Stark", the 3-yo male GSD pictured at left, is in urgent need of rescue from the Tracy animal shelter and could be euthanized any day. Stark gets along well with people but has shown aggressiveness towards other dogs in the shelter, so is not available for adoption directly to the public.

GSRSV can only rescue Stark if a solid foster caretaker comes forward--I am presently caring for too many dogs on my own and have no foster homes currently available.

GSRSV has rescued many GSDs who have failed their adoption evaluations for perceived dog aggression, and the vast majority of these dogs have been fine with other dogs once outside of the shelter. Nonetheless, I will only consider foster offers from people with some experience dealing with dog aggression and who are willing to work through any behavioral issues that might arise.

If you're interested in fostering Stark, please contact Brian at 916-655-3125 or

Adoption/Foster Appeal: 9-yo Male GSD at Sac City Shelter (posted 10-12)

The handsome, somewhat tattered 9-yo male GSD pictured at left is available for adoption at the Sacramento City (Front Street) Shelter. He has passed his adoption evaluation and shelter staff states that he's a "very sweet boy who loves attention." They also state that he has not been very well cared for, with fly-strike on his ear tips and some hair loss (likely due to flea dermatitis). The latter is easily remedied with proper flea control and a good diet (including biotin, which will help the skin heal and fur grow back faster).

Sac City Animal Control picked this dog up as a stray, and they have yet to name him. He is not neutered, but if you adopt him his neuter surgery will be included in the very inexpensive $85 adoption fee.

Older dogs like this make wonderful pets and though of course most of their life is behind them, it is a complete myth that older dogs won't bond as strong to their people as young ones. Ask anyone who has adopted an older dog!

For information about adopting this dog, please contact Sac City Animal Care Services at
(916) 808-7387 and refer to ID #A507133.

If you're willing to foster this dog for GSRSV, please contact Brian at 916-655-3125. (Please keep in mind that if you do foster this dog, there will be far few adoption inquiries for him than for younger dogs.)

Tracking GSRSV's Adoptions

My most recent adoptions were Rosie to Ursula Anders & Jose Zaragoza of Davis (left); Lana to Gina Laspina & Cisco Cortez of Placerville(center); and Loba to Lisa & Ethan Crawford of Roseburg, OR (right).
So far in 2016, GSRSV has rescued thirty-six dogs and placed thirty-seven dogs, including seven "Program Dogs" who I placed for their owners. See my 2016 Rescue/Adoption Record.
In 2015, GSRSV rescued twenty-four dogs and placed thirty-eight dogs, including thirteen "Program Dogs" that I placed for their owners. See my 2015 Rescue/Adoption Record.

Please Make a Donation!

GSRSV is a tax-exempt public charity, as defined under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All donations to GSRSV are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.  Since February 2001, Brian Foran has funded GSRSV primarily on his own. Brian runs a large rescue facility by himself (pictured below), and typically has more than 25 dogs to feed and care for! Many of these dogs are either too old for adoption or have been returned to GSRSV more than once--and thus are allowed to live their lives out at the rescue facility. Never has Brian returned a dog he has rescued to a shelter--NEVER! 

Donations have played--and continue to play--a huge part in keeping GSRSV afloat, as adoption fees are a drop-in-the-bucket compared with the costs of running a large rescue program. (See the actual numbers for 2007-2011 here.)

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to GSRSV today,

 either by clicking on the PayPal button below, 

or by mailing a check, made out to GSRSV, to: 

GSRSV, PO Box 652, Pleasant Grove, CA 95668.

You can add a message to GSRSV in the PayPal payment window. Just click "Add special instructions to the seller" and a text box will open.  

Any size donation is appreciated. Please help in any way you can!

You can contribute financially to GSRSV without spending an additional cent by shopping at AmazonSmile,'s charitable donation program. See below.

Shop at Amazon Smile
and Amazon will make a donation to: 

German Shepherd Rescue of Sacramento Valley

Get Started

Don't just take your dog for a walk.....take your walk for a dog! Go to, download the app to your smartphone, and support GSRSV every time you walk your dog! The more miles you walk, the more WoofTrax donates to GSRSV!

Art with a Purpose!
Kritika Bala of Lone Tiger Art is a talented artist with a passion for animals and nature--and she truly shows it by donating 90% of the proceeds of her commissioned paintings to animal welfare and environmental organizations! (Yes, 90%--unheard of!)

GSRSV was the recipient of a donation in Dec 2015 by Kritika from the proceeds of her commissioned painting of a GSD puppy "Lexi" (see right).   

If you would like to immortalize your dog or cat in a beautiful (yet affordable) painting and help support GSRSV or another animal welfare organization, please visit the "Pet Project" of Kritika's Lone Tiger Art Website.


Is fostering a dog a sacrifice? NO! It is a pleasure! 

The rewards of knowing that you've saved the life of a sweet, beautiful German Shepherd dog (or any other breed), and made that dog feel loved, are MUCH greater than whatever inconvenience the dog may cause or the pain of letting him or her go to a new home. 

If you, the German Shepherd-loving community, will not extend a helping hand to the numerous German Shepherds housed in area shelters and facing euthanasia, WHO WILL?

PLEASE consider fostering a German Shepherd for GSRSV! See the page Save a German Shepherd's Life: Become a Foster Caretaker


Before You Consider Adopting a Dog from a Rescue Group (including GSRSV), Please Consider Adopting One from a Shelter! 

Though there are certain advantages to adopting a dog from a rescue group, those dogs are safe. Those in shelters are at high risk of euthanasia! If you don't already know, you'd be horrified to learn about the  number of beautiful German Shepherds that are euthanized every week in Northern California shelters. 

Think you can't find a purebred German Shepherd at a shelter? THINK AGAIN!!

I have found the best Website to search for a GSD in a shelter near you is This Website allows you to specify breed as well as to select the shelters from which you'd like to search for a GSD to adopt. You can also request to receive automatic e-mail notifications when the shelters that you specified have  GSDs available for adoption.

 Please Remember that Most Dogs with Rescue Groups Come from Shelters Themselves!


GSRSV Picture/Story Scrapbook!
Send me your favorite photo and/or story of the dog(s) you adopted from GSRSV, and I will post them on the GSRSV Picture/Story Scrapbook page. Mail pictures/stories to Brian Foran at 



Older Rescued Dogs Make Wonderful Companions!


Think that an older dog will not make a good family companion because it's too set in its ways?" Think again! Older dogs, more so than younger dogs, live to please their caretakers. Furthermore, hip dysplasia in older German Shepherds is much less of a problem than commonly believed, and general arthritis is readily treatable with coated aspirin (yes, ASPIRIN) and glucosamine/chondroitin supplements. For an excellent information resource on older dogs, see the Senior Dogs Project Website, and their "Top Ten Reasons to Adopt an Older Dog." 

Testimonials of those who have adopted older dogs from GSRSV

Bob Warner adopted Krista from the Sac County shelter, with GSRSV's assistance, on 7-1-10. Here's what Bob had to say about Krista in December 2011:

"Krista has become a wonderful friend--so gentle and friendly that everyone enjoys her. She is an excellent example of why adopters should consider older dogs."





If you have or plan to adopt a GSD, you NEED to know about "bloat!" Please read the info below.

Gastric dilation/volvulus, more commonly known as "bloat", is an all-too- frequent, fatal event for German Shepherds. Basically, gastric dilation refers to a condition in which the dog's stomach fills up with air due to various circumstances. The dog's abdomen becomes visibly "bloated", and causes great discomfort. If the bloat persists, often what happens next is volvulus--the stomach literally rotates on its intestinal axis, shutting off the blood supply both to and from the stomach. At this stage, the dog usually has only hours to live, and the condition must be treated surgically. The sooner the dog is treated, the better its chance for survival and full recovery. 

Learn how to avoid bloat in your dog, and how to recognize the symptoms. Please click on this link to open a very informative Webpage about bloat. I recommend printing the article and placing it where you can immediately access it if you suspect that your dog is experiencing bloat. Click on this link for a printable MS Word version of the article.


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(You only need to receive one online newsletter to help GSRSV--you can opt out at any time!)

Springtime, Inc., is a manufacturer and retailer of amazingly effective, all-natural, reasonably priced nutritional supplements for dogs, horses and humans. I have regularly given a few of Springtime's supplements to the GSRSV dogs for years, and enthusiastically endorse these products--particularly "Joint Health"--a glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM supplement, and "Bug-Off Garlic"--a natural flea preventative that REALLY WORKS! Please visit Springtime's Website, and if you place an order with them as a result of this referral, please mention that you learned of their company through GSRSV. I do not receive any commisions--I just want the people at Springtime to know that I'm sharing the word on their products, as they do give me a discount on the products that I order.

Questions regarding German Shepherd Rescue of Sacramento Valley or this Website should be directed to Brian Foran, 916-655-3125,, or you can write to:

PO Box 652
Pleasant Grove, CA  95668

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for listing GSRSV's adoptable (and adopted) dogs on their respective Websites.

Thanks also to (, a superb slideshow development and hosting Website, for hosting GSRSV's adoption picture slideshow free of charge.

This site is hosted by  ( xMatters specializes in "intelligent communications" for businesses, particularly for the IT component of those businesses. Many, many thanks to Troy McAlpin, xMatters' President & CEO  and a former GSRSV adopter, for graciously hosting GSRSV's Website on xMatters' servers since 2001.   

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