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The following German Shepherds and German Shepherd mixes are being fostered by other rescue groups or individuals in the Sacramento area. I have not seen or evaluated most of these dogs, so I can not guarantee their temperament or health. However, because rescue groups such as mine or individuals rescuing on their own are offering these dogs for adoption, I am posting these dogs as a courtesy to those rescuers. As with rescuing a dog from GSRSV, you will also have the benefit of knowing the dog's temperament from its foster caretaker.

Please contact the individual or group name listed with a particular dog for more information about that dog! If you find that a dog that is listed here is no longer available for adoption, please let me know so I can remove the listing. Contact Brian at either 916-655-3125 or  

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"Keanu" is a friendly, frisky, sociable 7-mos old male Husky/GSD waiting for his forever home.  Keanu is somewhat timid of strangers initially, but warms up quickly. He's gentle with children, and recently did well with a 2-yo girl who was petting him.

Keanu loves interacting with other dogs, and is typically Husky-playful. (Click here for a video of Keanu cavorting with a few other dogs at German Shepherd Rescue of Sacramento Valley's rescue ranch.) Keanu presently lives with two larger female dogs and does well with them. He's yet to be neutered so is somewhat amorous with the females, but he'll be neutered prior to adoption.  

We do not know how Keanu is with cats, so for now we will only consider a home without cats for him.

Keanu is fully housetrained and has full run of the house except for a couple of hours in the morning when there is nobody home and he is kept in a crate. His former owner, who had him for about two months, lived in a small apartment.

Keanu is still getting used to riding in a car and does get mildly carsick. However, that should pass as he grows older and become more accustomed to traveling.

Keanu's present caretaker Sasha doesn't know how he is on leash yet because she's healing from a broken leg.

Sasha found Keanu wandering in front of her house early Tues, Sept 28. She was able to locate the owner, but the owner told her she could no longer keep him. The owner had taken Keanu in from some friends of hers in July when they moved and couldn't take Keanu with them.

Sasha did not want to bring Keanu to a shelter, so contacted rescue groups for assistance in finding him a new home.

Keanu's adoption fee is $225. Again, he'll be neutered prior to adoption.

Please contact PAWS (Pet Adoption and Wellness Services) in Woodland at 530-383-5369 for information about adopting Keanu.

Posted 10-4-17

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"Koda" is an adorable 11-mos old neutered male Bernese Mountain Dog mix (possibly mixed with Chocolate Lab) who is loving, energetic and extremely good-natured. Koda is a big dog—he’s already 90 lbs, and far from full-grown.

Koda loves people and is good with young children. He loves to be handled—belly rubs and ear scratches will win him over every time. He thinks he’s a lap dog!

Koda gets along well with other dogs, but does need to be introduced slowly. He’s presently being boarded and trained at Folsom Pet Resort, where he will likely receive lots of canine socialization.

Koda has not been around cats since he was rescued, so only prospective adopters without cats will be considered.

Koda is fully house trained and received individualized professional obedience training in his previous home. Though well-mannered, Koda is extremely strong and needs an owner who has both the physical strength and leadership skills to handle 100-plus pounds (eventually) of enthusiasm. Also, he needs a home in which he will receive considerable exercise—more than just walks around the block.

Koda loves to go on walks, to play and tear apart toys—hard toys are recommended.

Koda was found on the street as a very young puppy. His finders kept him until he was 5 months old, then I suppose he got too big and was turned over to an independent rescuer (Claudia) in Folsom. She found an adopter for Koda a month later (Sept 2016). However, the woman who adopted Koda returned him to Claudia on Feb 23 this year stating that he had too much energy for her and her two older, smaller dogs.

Claudia has since boarded Koda at the Folsom Pet Resort as she already has her legal limit of dogs. She is paying $150 day for a 10-day training session; on March 6th, Koda “graduates” from his training class, and by that point Claudia hopes to have found an adopter for Koda—or she’ll have to pay to continue to board him.

For information about adopting Koda, please contact Claudia at either or 916-849-7003.

Posted 2-25-17

"Daisy" is a beautiful 8-yo spayed female GSD who is very sweet and even tempered. She greets people warmly and doesn’t jump on them. She enjoys human interaction and is a loyal companion. Daisy is great with kids and though she has not knowingly spent time with really young children, there’s no reason to think that she wouldn’t be just fine with them.  

Daisy has not been socialized much w/ other dogs, since she was raised in a single-dog home and didn’t get out much. However, Daisy’s caretaker will soon be bringing her to GSRSV’s rescue ranch where she’ll be able to interact with several other dogs off leash, and we’ll have more to say about Daisy’s canine social skills after that introduction. 

Daisy HAS lived with cats and gets along great with them! 

Daisy spends most of her time indoors but does enjoy running around outside. She is house trained and crate trained. She received some formal training as a puppy and is a fast learner. Daisy is a bit of a goofball--she enjoys rolling on the floor and is quite talkative. 

Daisy was raised from a puppy by an elderly woman who recently passed away. Her daughter (Sandra) took her in and is now caring for her until she can find a home for her. Daisy is located in Lodi.

Please contact Sandra Borchert at either 951-373-9241 or (Sandra’s daughter).

 Posted 12-11-16

Still Available as of 2-25-17!

Meet Barkley, our wonderful boy who is ready for his “furever" home!! Despite the deplorable neglect he suffered, Barkley has retained his cheerful spirit. Because he was in such bad shape when he came in (he was about 25 lbs underweight with a multitude of skin infections and he had lost almost all his hair), he was aged at 9 or 10. Now that he is healthy,we realize that he is somewhere between 3 & 5, just a young pup. He has gained weight and is at a perfect 100lbs.

Our team of volunteers have showered him with TLC, plenty of exercise, training, and proper nutrition. His luxurious coat has grown back and he loves getting bathed & brushed. Barkley has tons of energy and is sweet as can be. He is learning manners and needs a savvy Shepherd owner who can devote lots of time continuing his training. He’d do best in a house without cats and as an only dog until he has learned to control his enthusiasm.

Barkley loves learning. He is incredibly smart and masters a new skill almost daily. This smart boy learned to fetch in about 20 minutes! Check out his Youtube video - taken the day after he learned to fetch: Barkley Learns to Fetch.

Now, Barkley just needs his own person or family. If you think that's you, please give us a call at 707-787-7010 or email us at If it's not you, PLEASE SHARE this with your friends!

Barkley is located in Petaluma, CA, at Lily's Legacy Senior Dog Sanctuary.

Posted 3-8-16

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Moe--click for larger image.



Joe--click for larger image.

Located in Woodward, Oklahoma!

Introducing the adorable brother/ sister duo Moe (female) and Joe (male). The two are elderly in age (7-10) but make up for it with their kind and people friendly personalities. Lived on a chain all their lives until their owner passed away – left defending for themselves. They were picked up and brought to Woof Pet Rescue in August. They have had behavioral assessments and medical examinations done. 

Moe, the female, is your breed typical high-prey drive gal. She's very attentive of her surroundings. She learns extremely quickly and is very docile and submissive when in the presence of her human handler. She gets along great with her brother very well – but is a dominant female. She has displayed aggressive and possessive behaviors towards other dogs and animals with and alone from her brother Joe. Petite and packed with moxy and personality. Healthy and spunky girl despite age. 

Joe, the male, is the exact opposite. He's a gentle lamb. He's very submissive and tied at the hip to his sister Moe. He seeks out guidance and attention. Joe is a mellow dude and accepts everything with love and gentleness. Age is wearing on Joe a little more. He has bad back/hips and is on arthritis medication to maintain comfort. He does well on the medication and there is a noticeable difference in his health when he is on it. 

We would like to, if at all possible, keep the two together. Joe has serious separation depression when separations were done with them. We started gradually with it but his whole demeanor changes to a sulking teddy bear when she is gone. They have lived with each other their whole lives and only find it fair to keep them together all the way until the end. 

We did successfully adopt the two out locally however they were recently brought back due to destructive behavior. They were testing the wire fencing their adopters had. Successfully escaping a few times and getting into mischief. The two do not do well with other animals and need a home that is prepared to cater to this need and has solid wood fencing. 

We are a non-profit organization and our resources are very limited. This area is very rural. We are a community mostly made up of ranchers and farmers thus making it not a good location for adopting out dogs with these particular problems. We are trying to extend out and network them out further to hopefully help get them transferred and/or adopted out. 

Please contact Danielle Barcomb of Woof Pet Rescue at or 580-303-7700.

Posted 10-29-15

Andrea is a senior female GSD mix who is a sweet girl that would love a warm home to curl up in. Sacramento Indpt Animal Rescues (SIAR) rescued Andrea from the shelter in August and she needs a great home!  

Even though Andrea is a mix, she has many of the great qualities of a German Shepherd. She is super sweet and can't wait to find a family to call her own.

Adoption fees range from $150-$250 for dogs. THE DOGS SHOWN ON THE SITE ARE IN FOSTERCARE - WE DO NOT HAVE A SHELTER TO VISIT.

Please contact SIAR at if you would like to learn more about this dog......and visit our website to learn more about our rescue group. We are a volunteer run, very small organization - so please be patient when waiting for a response, but feel free to check back in if you haven't heard from us in a day or so - thank you so much for considering a rescued pooch!

Posted 8-12-15

"Biscuit & Pancake" are approx 1-yo spayed female Pit Bull mixes (sisters) who are very affectionate and playful. (A vet thought that Biscuit & Pancake are Pit Bull/GSD mixes, but it's hard to see GSD in either dog.) Both Biscuit and Pancake are friendly with people and children. They are lovebugs and like to climb in your lap! They are good w/ other dogs--they live w/ a little dog who barks incessantly at them, and they just ignore her. They do chase after the resident outdoor cat, though apparently just out of play. Both dogs weigh about 50 lbs.

Biscuit and Pancake are both housetrained, They do like to chew on things, but will focus that effort on chew toys or sticks provided. They are used to being walked on leash, though they still pull when they are excited. In other words, typical 1-yr old dogs!

A student of Biscuit & Pancake's primary caregiver (Christina)  found the two dogs abandoned in a park in November of last year. The student's mom was going to take them to the shelter, but Christina didn't have the heart for that so took the dogs into her home with the intention of finding them permanent homes. So far, no luck with rehoming, and Christina simply does not have the time to spend training Biscuit & Pancake nor the space they need to release their puppy energy.

Both Biscuit and Pancake are healthy, current on their vaccinations and on monthly flea and heartworm preventative. 

Biscuit and Pancake are available for adoption separately or together. A rehoming fee of $100 is requested for each dog to help offset their veterinary expenses.

Please contact Christina Fischer at

Posted 6-7-14

"Bess" is an approx 1-yo spayed female GSD/Lab mix who is affectionate, playful, loving, and smart. Bess' main desire in life is to please her person. She enjoys being with people, laying at their feet or next to them. 

Bess likes other dogs and would do well in a house with another large dog her size with an easy temperament--she desires to learn the doggie ways. Bess would NOT do well in a home that has a cat or small dogs as she has the Shepherd prey drive. Bess weighs about 70 pounds.

Bess is housetrained and is a very fast learner - she has been working on basic obedience with a trainer and is doing great. Bess absolutely LOVES the water and enjoys playing in it. She also enjoys chasing a ball; she's not that great at bringing it back, but quickly learning! She will make an excellent companion for walks, hikes or runs--an outdoor active house would be a perfect fit for her. 

Bess is spayed, chipped and vaccinated. She was found injured on the streets and has recovered wonderfully.

Please contact Animal Friend's Connection at 209-368-1761 or 209-365-0535 afternoons or see their Website for information on adopting Bess. Animal Friend's Connection is located in Lodi.

Posted 5-23-14 

Click for larger image.

"Sassy" is a 7-yo spayed female GSD mix who is the sweetest dog in the world! She instantly bonds to people and steals your heart in a second.  However, she doesn't like other animals at all. Sassy has built quite a fan base at the Sonoma Humane Society facility in Santa Rosa where she has been for most of the last two years. 

Sassy began life in a happy home in Lake county. An unfortunate series of events changed her life forever. Her owners lost their jobs and their home. About this time, Sassy developed a serious skin condition and her family couldn't afford to give her the care she needed. She was surrendered to the Sonoma Humane Society where her journey with us began. Her skin issues were dealt with and she was quickly adopted. Her second family dropped her off at the Rohnert Park shelter in horrible condition. Her skin had gotten so bad that she had bare patches and scabs. We had to nurse her back to health. Sassy was then adopted out to a family who had a hard time with her dog reactivity. She was once again returned. 

Please contact the Sonoma Humane Society for information about adopting Sassy at 707-284-1198, or e-mail them by going to their Website at and clicking on the e-mail link on the right column. 

Posted 4-17-14

This is Zeus, an 8 year old German Shephard mix. He is neutered and has had all of his vaccinations. He gets along great with other dogs and kids. He is curious about cats, but not aggressive. He loves to play and loves to snuggle next to you on the couch. He is looking for a forever home were he can get the attention he is craving and where he will be an active part of the family! 

Please contact Cindy @ 775-230-2624 or

Posted 9-3-13


Still available as of 8-9-12!
is a 5-yr old (as of 8-9-12) male German Shepherd or Belgian Tervuren/Keeshond mix who is super friendly, affectionate, smart, and obedient. Furry Friends Rescue of Fremont rescued Titan from the Hayward Shelter on 7/16/07, mostly due to his aggression towards other dogs. But there was something special about Titan and so we decided to put in an extra effort to help him. He's had an extended stay with some trainers and is responding very well. People with experience handling German Shepherds would be best for Titan. The trainers are willing to continue working with whoever adopts him. He now has a bright future and will thank you every day.

Titan is a large dog, weighing about 80 lbs.

Please see Furry Friend's Rescue's Website at for contact info and adoption application.

Posted 8-21-07; updated 8-9-12

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