To our beautiful golden girl.............

  Goldie was a beautiful, gentle soul who brightened our lives from the moment we met her. She jumped in our car when we went to GSRSV the first time, letting us know she was the one for our family. Goldie loved being with the family, car rides, walks, dog parks, FOOD, snuggling together on the couch, and playing with her GSRSV brother, Leo. 

Everyone that met Goldie fell in love with her as her sweetness was overwhelming. She was sweet with a healthy dose of the shepherd spirit to assert herself as needed. She liked to body block her brother into the pool when she thought he was being too rambunctious. She also knew how to give you the look that let you know you were late on the walks or dinner. Goldie's charm was undeniable. 

We only had four short years before cancer overtook our Goldie. She was taken so soon, yet we can't imagine what our lives would have been like without her. We are devastated, but thankful for the time we had and all the love we shared. Thank you, our beautiful golden girl, for fighting as long as you could. We are in awe of you and miss you dearly.         
Love, Robyn & Family  

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