We adopted Hawky about four years ago when he was 2½ yo. Hawky came with some baggage but we knew that. He soon attached himself to me at the hip, and became a huge part of our lives. He loved to chase tennis balls and soccer balls and loved to go camping with us. Hawk was a big boy, 120 lbs but not overweight. No one ever bothered my kids when they took him on walks-- most had never seen a Shepard his size before. Hawk disliked every other dog in the world other than Shilo the Shepherd mix he lived with. I finally had to quit taking him to the dog park as he would clear it out. No one could enter my back yard who was not immediate family unless accompanied by a family member. We had two cats when Hawky came to live with us; it took 3 years but he finally figured out that they were also part of the family and they were finally tolerated by the Hawk. Hawky gave us his unconditional love and made us feel so safe in this world of crime and violence. I will miss my buddy as will the family.

Lee Sharp, December 15, 2013

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