Adopted from Sac County Shelter through GSRSV,
July 1, 2010.

Crossed over Rainbow Bridge in November 2014.

[From GSRSV]: It's not too often that people have a heart big enough to adopt a 10-yo dog from a shelter. But that's exactly what Bob Warner did on July 1, 2010, when he adopted "Crystal" (who he renamed Krista) from the Sacramento County Shelter, with GSRSV's assistance.

Bob had previously shown extraordinary compassion by adopting a dog from GSRSV (Rufus) in 2008 that had been diagnosed with bone cancer--but who turned out not to have cancer after all!

Bob became extremely attached to Krista, and in a letter to GSRSV after she passed away, Bob had this to say about her:

"Although Krista was considered an 'elderly' dog, she gave me another 4½ yrs of joy and companionship and exemplified just why older dogs can be excellent candidates for adoption. 

Krista was such a gentle, friendly and outgoing girl that she became a real ambassador for the breed. She really enjoyed meeting other dogs and everyone else she met. She learned quickly and adapted well to new situations.

Thank you so much for this wonderful girl and the years of happiness she gave me. I was very lucky to have known her."

Thank YOU, Bob, for adopting Krista and making her last 4½ years certainly the best ones of her life.


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