Malcolm came into our lives about ten years ago (Dec 11, 2005). When we met him at the rescue ranch, he was ten months old and our daughter was four. He gently walked up to her, sniffed her and then licked her on her hand. My husband and I knew that he was the one for our family-- he actually chose us. As we got to know Malcolm, he showed us unconditional love and we referred to him as our gentle giant. He grew into quite a big boy. His favorite toy was a tennis ball; he took them with him everywhere, even to his food bowl. His nicknames were "Buddy" and "Mr. Squeaks." He would constantly squeak his ball in his mouth.

Unfortunately, Malcolm became very sick in late October and we knew we had to get him to the vet. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer and it had spread to other parts of his body. We had one last day with him. We spoiled him with his last car ride, a long walk and some ice cream.

We love you, buddy. Thank you for all your snuggles, the best hugs ever and your sweet demeanor.

Chris, Heather, Mackenzie and your furry siblings--Kaya and Ivy
November 1, 2016


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