"Matthew & Michaela"

In the course of one’s rescue career, many dogs come and go. Some dogs become more special than others, perhaps because of the unusual circumstances in which they were rescued, perhaps because of their unique personalities, and perhaps because of the extraordinary warmth and generosity of their adopters. Matthew (at left in both pictures above) and sister Michaela, Rottweiler/Chow mixes, were two such dogs. Mary Rose and Brian Lehman, who adopted “M&M” on January 4, 2003, are two such adopters.

The Lehmans, along with their two sons, sadly said goodbye to their good friend Matthew on January 29, 2011. Matthew now joins his sister Michaela, who passed away 10-26-09, in eternity.  

Fate surely played a role in bringing M&M into my and the Lehmans' lives. I was at the counter of the Sacramento City Shelter on November 30, 2002, when M&M's owner walked in with them. It was apparent to me that he planned to surrender the dogs to the shelter. I asked him to step outside so I could talk with him. I could see right away that M&M were a loveable pair; their owner was surrendering them due to financial difficulty. He handed me their leashes and I took them home. Barely a month later, the Lehmans adopted both dogs, compassionately keeping the bonded siblings together.

The Lehmans have been remarkable supporters of GSRSV since adopting M&M in 2003, sending a donation practically every month. By no means affluent, the Lehmans’ generosity has been a resounding expression of their love for Matthew & Michaela and their appreciation for the work that groups such as GSRSV do.

Thank you, Mary Rose & Brian Lehman, for giving Matthew & Michaela as loving a home as anyone ever could.

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