Rescued by GSRSV from Sac County Shelter 
Dec 6, 2000



Adopted May 20, 2001
by Cindy Pereira

"Mickey was the greatest example of all the exceptional qualities found in German Shepherds. He was loyal, smart, and funny. Mickey had a big smile, and endless energy. In our early years together we spent many days hiking the open spaces of Chico. Mickey loved to ride in my Jeep perched in the front seat. He was always the first one on the trail and the first one back. He was a true friend with a gigantic heart who will always be 'My Mickey Boy'."


Passed away May 21, 2012--
at approx 17 years old!



(From Brian Foran, GSRSV's Director): 

Over the years I've rescued many dogs. Some stand out in my memory more than others. "Mickey Boy" was just such a dog. I rescued Mickey on Dec. 6, 2000, from the Sac County Shelter. He must have been about 6-7 yrs old at the time, judging by the considerable grey in his muzzle. But Mickey was frisky as a pup and incredibly personable, and immediately won my heart. He was a member of the original GSRSV pack in East Sacramento, which was where I lived when I first began to rescue GSDs. 

Cindy Pereira adopted Mickey on May 20, 2001, and he immediately became a fixture in her and her husband Jeff's home in Chico. Mickey seemed to defy age--most GSDs don't live past 13 years, but Mickey was still frisky at 17 years old. Just a week before passing away, he still spun around in excitement--while carrying a 4x4 piece of wood in his mouth!

Like Cindy wrote, we all want them to be with us forever, but know that someday they will move on without us. Mickey flirted with forever, but is now forever in the hearts of Cindy, Jeff and anyone who knew him.


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