Adopted from GSRSV June 12, 2001

Passed over the Rainbow Bridge June 26, 2013

When Newt was a puppy, she loved walking on grass. I think it felt good on her toes. She loved playing in the wading pools in the backyard to the extent of trying to catch water that we would scoop into our hands and "throw" at her. She loved her foamy balls. Catching them and then destroying them later. She also loved searching for treats in stuffed animals by gutting the stuffing out of them. I think she learned that trick from Zelda (Newt's mom). Newt loved chasing birds. She was a happy dog and we loved her very much!

Sharon Davies, December 25, 2013

[Note from Brian with GSRSV: a year after Sharon and her husband Peter adopted Newt in April 2001, they adopted Newt's mother Zelda--more as a favor to me, as I had yet to find a home for Zelda. Then, in December 2005, the woman who adopted Shadow--one of Newt's two sisters--returned her to GSRSV. The Davies graciously took Shadow into their home just days after Shadow was returned, even though they had no plans to get a third dog. Sure enough, Shadow and Newt began a sibling rivalry that lasted to Newt's last day. But the Davies overcame each challenge as it presented itself, and for the most part, had a harmonious canine family.]   


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