Dearest Rocky,

As your third owner, you came to us when you were 4 years old and 40 lbs over weight. But you came in style, riding in the front seat of a convertible (with the top down) on the weekend of the 4th of July. After meeting us, you promptly chased the cat, barked at the horses, and then tussled with our other Shepherd, Sierra. However you were a sweet talker and won us over with your gentle eyes and surprise kisses. You quickly became an excellent companion and loving friend.  Your extra pounds were soon left behind as you did your daily farm runs and swims in the pond. We celebrated your success by ordering you a big Mac, which you were forced to share with Sierra. 

Although you became very handsome, it was your personality that really stood out.  Your enthusiasm and joyful nature brought a welcome energy to our lives.  We all just felt happier when you were near.  On those occasions when I was sad, you always came over and sat by my side. After a short time, no one could imagine the farm before you arrived. And, your nick names grew and grew.  There was "The Rock", "Pet Rock" and our favorite, "Rocky Raccoon." 

It was shame that we only had you for two years. We are deeply saddened that you were stricken with cancer before you were 6 years old. To the end, though, you were true to your nature so brave and still making friends.  Even the staffs at the veterinarian clinics fell in love with you.  We will miss you terribly but are so thankful that you came in to our lives.

We loved you,
Janet & Henry   

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