Sage came to us one warm summer night in 2007. Brian pulled up in his truck and let out our Sage and five other dogs but Sage came straight to her new mom Isabel. She barked at me when I approached--already in protection mode!

We noticed straight away that Sage was special because we could take her anywhere. Dog parks, cafe's, wine tasting--we never worried about her getting aggressive. Little kids loved her and she was attracted to youth and the spirit of youth everywhere we went.


She loved to hike at Auburn Ravine and swim in most any body of water. We lived just off the American River and she was always ready to jump in.

Sage lived to the ripe old age of fourteen and provided us with years of joy. She passed peacefully in her own house secure and safe.

Sage was one-of-a-kind and one-in-a-million and both Isabel and I miss her deep down in our souls.


                        Paul and Isabel
                           May 2021


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