Whimsey, our mischievous white Wolfdog.

We adopted Whimsey from GSRSV on Feb 2, 2005, to keep our male Belgian Shepherd Ranger company. (We adopted Ranger from GSRSV on Aug 16, 2003; see The Friendship Circle of Zelda and Her Pups.) Whimsey was a White German Shepherd/Wolf Hybrid whose name fit her perfectly: she was full of fun and personality. She was a talker, constantly wolf-howling when she wanted attention, food, or toys. Squeaky toys were one of her passions--she would jubilantly squeak a toy because she liked the noise…which only lasted a minute or so. There was no squeaky toy that she couldn’t destroy in a minute or less.

At about 4 years old, Whimsey’s always picky appetite took a turn for the worse. She had always liked to be on the picnic table ( high point ) but could no longer get up there. Upon taking her to the vet, it was discovered that she had deformed kidneys that were failing. We put her on a special kidney diet, but as she was so picky, it was very difficult. She had to have a port installed, and twice a day we gave her subcutaneous fluids. We hand fed her baby food, scrambled eggs, and clam chowder. She had to be force fed phosphorous, antacids, and other medications. 

After three weeks of force feeding, medications, and bi-weekly vet trips, her whimsical personality faded entirely. I would drive home from work on breaks and lunch to check on her. I came home one day to find her collapsed on the patio and rushed her, yet again, to the vet. I had to carry her in, and I could feel her body in spasms and she was whimpering in pain. 

There comes a point when your beloved pet looks at you with hopelessness in her eyes and you know that the only gift that you can return for all of the joy that she has shared in your life is to help her leave the pain and suffering behind. On July 7, 2008, Whimsey left my arms to go over the Rainbow Bridge , leaving another hole in our hearts. 

We now have a “full pack” with Ranger, Jukka and Loki (Alaskan Husky siblings adopted from Norsled in Sept 2008) and River (female German Shepherd, my foster failure--adopted from GSRSV Dec 28, 2008). Though our house is full, there will always be a hole in my heart left behind by my Whimsey.

Carol & Kevin Magee, February 24, 2011


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