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Non-Fostering Volunteers & Donations Needed!

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GSRSV is an independent rescue operation, conducted primarily by one person. Most my time is occupied simply caring for the many dogs that I have at my rescue facility. Unlike other large rescue organizations, I am presently not able to conduct regular adoption events or attend special pet fairs. My greatest need is always foster caretakers. However, if you unable or hesitant to foster a dog, there are other ways that you can help GSRSV:

  • Walk, brush, and play with some of the many dogs at my rescue facility/home in Pleasant Grove, California, 15 miles north of Sacramento (on the way to Yuba City, 3 miles east of Hwy 99). 

  • Make a donation. Frankly, money is the most needed and appreciated item that anyone can donate. However, if you have items that you think I could use (such as unused medications, food, toys, etc.), please contact me (Brian Foran) at either or 916-655-3125. I'll let you know if I can use the items you have to offer, and we can make arrangements for delivery or pick-up.

To make a monetary donation*, please either click on the PayPal button below,

or mail a check, made out to GSRSV, to:

PO Box 652
Pleasant Grove, CA  95668

* GSRSV is presently not registered as a 501-c-3 charitable organization with the IRS; consequently, your donations are not tax deductible by law.

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