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In 2003, GSRSV rescued 65 dogs, and placed 62 dogs (45 which we rescued in 2003, the rest from the previous year or years). The placement figure was well below that for 2002 (90 dogs), which GSRSV believes was primarily due to the economic downturn of 2003. When people's employment is an uncertainty, adopting a pet becomes a much lower priority. We hope that 2004 is a more stable year financially, and that more people and families will open their doors and hearts to the joys of adopting a rescued German Shepherd or GSD mix. 

Following is a table listing the dogs that we have rescued and placed in loving homes in 2003. Though we are a small rescue group, we work hard to rescue as many German Shepherds as we can. 

Most of the dogs that GSRSV rescues are kept together in one facility, and don't receive the one-on-one attention that makes a true "foster home." Additionally, lack of foster caretakers limits the number of dogs that GSRSV can rescue at any given time. Please help GSRSV save as many dogs as possible by becoming a foster caretaker!

Name of Dog/Place of Rescue/
Date of Rescue
Name of Adopter/City/
Date of Adoption
62 Tyler/Yuba County Shelter
Tia & Tim Pierce/
** Sarah/returned by previous adopter/11-15-03 Kelly Carlson/
61 Sissy/Tracy Animal Shelter/
Jim, Suzi, Lauren & Trevor Barstow/Roseville/12-22-03
** Matilda/returned by previous adopter/September 2003 Laurie Michael/
60 Gilda/Citrus Heights (found as stray)/10-5-03 Kathy, Chelsea & Michael Phillips/
59 Athena/Madison-Oglethorpe Animal Shelter, Danielsville, GA/10-26-03
Bill & CJ Jaeckel/
Meadow Vista/11-23-03
58 Rodeo/Tracy City Shelter/
Ron, Lori, Amy & Kara Wolfley/
57 Charlie/Salinas City Shelter/
Terry Jones/Rocklin/
56 Buddy/Vacaville 
(found as stray)/10-09-03
Tim, Stacey, Will & Bear Grossmann/Orangevale/
** Cokie/returned from former adopter/10-27-03 Richard & Stacy Harvey and family/
Rio Linda/11-9-03
55 Cisco/Owner surrender from Sacramento/8-6-03 Joe, Lorrie, Rain & Storm Tippins/Carmichael/
54 Sarah/Owner surrender from Sacramento/10-7-03 Sarah Davis/Orangevale/
53 Sasha/Plymouth/9-18-03 William, Susan, Conor, Sean, & Daniel Elerding/
Pleasant Hill/10-25-03 
52 Harlee/Owner surrender from Sacramento/10-11-03 Rick, Carrie, Ian, Meghan & Devo Osborn/
Granite Bay/10-19-03
51 Zeb/Northwest SPCA (Oroville)/
Jerry & Jennifer Parsons/
** Tasha/returned from former adopter/9-24-03 Sue, Bill, Evan & Brie Barnickol/
Grass Valley/10-5-03
50 Trixie/Nevada County Shelter/8-23-03 Ken, Debi & Connor Irwin/ Organgevale/10-4-03
49 Ohna/12-7-02/Tracy City Shelter Spencer Reynolds/San Lorenzo/9-29-03
48 Molly/
Sac City Shelter/5-26-01
Sue, Bill, Evan & Brie Barnickol/
Grass Valley/9-28-03
47 Micah/Sonoma County Shelter (Santa Rosa)/5-29-03 Nicole & Jeff Jones/
Citrus Heights/9-28-03
** Gayla/returned from former adopter
Annette & Randy Green/
46 Chase/Fallon, NV/
Leo & Lil Winterling/
Fallon, NV/9-18-03
45 Whitney/Sacramento County Shelter/7-26-03 Greg Helms & Tracy Martineau/Paradise/9-13-03
44 Tasha/Yuba County Shelter/6-12-03 Valentine Rogers/
Elk Grove/9-12-03
43 Annika/Yuba County Shelter/5-17-03 Bo & Sara Rankin/
Eugene, Oregon/8-31-03
42 Ranger/Sac City Shelter/4-14-01 Carol & Kevin Magee/
41 Moze/Fairfield (owner surrender)/7-10-03 Deborah Miller & Family/Suisun City/7-25-03
40 Gretchen/East Sacramento (stray)/2-20-03 Elisabeth & Brandon Jones/
Yuba City7-14-03
39 Cindy/
Nevada County Shelter/5-8-03
Mike & Robyn Hoffman and Family/
38 Nikita (renamed Josie)/
Yuba County Shelter/6-4-03
Phil Mosen/
37 Lucas/Sonoma County Shelter/
April 2003
Pym Lewis/
36 Sheba/
Amador County Shelter/5-5-03
Peter Lewis/
35 Emmitt/Citrus Heights (veterinary hospital)/
April 2003
Joe & Catherine Paonetta/
** Sedona/Citrus Heights (owner placement)--second adoption/3-30-03 Ray & Marsha Miller/
34 Buddy/Sacramento (owner placement)/5-27-03 Todd & Eva Ballestrasse/
33 Baron (Arvo)/Marysville (abandoned dog)/5-28-03 Jill Bowers/
32 Pumpkin/
South Sacramento (stray)/10-26-02/
Susan & John Mayginnes/ Potter Valley/6-2-03
31 Charlie/
Sacramento (owner placement)/
Doug & Quinn Caldwell/
Redwood City/6-1-03
30 Kazan/Maxwell/
Georgeanne Lewis/ Sacramento/5-31-03
29 Charles (Kaiser)/Yuba County Shelter/
Randy & Valerie Glass/
Yankee Hill/5-28-03
28 Heidi/San Jose (placed for owner)/4-15-03 Jim Babb/
27 Donny/North Natomas (stray)/4-18-03 Sharon & Larry King/
Mill Valley/5-3-03
26 Matilda/Amador County Shelter/5-2-03 Amparo Mifunes & Family/Rocklin/5-2-03
25 Braveheart/Sac City Shelter/ 3-14-03 Asha Reddy & Family/
San Ramon/5-1-03
24 Boomer/Oakland City Shelter/ 3-27-03 Stacey Miner & children/
23 Bridgett/Contra Costa County Shelter/2-22-03 Marlene Gonzales/
22 Moopaw (Sedona)/placed for owner in Citrus Heights/3-30-03 4-6-03/Jeff Austin & 
Susan Gardinor/Davis
21 Kimber/Sac City Shelter/2-5-03 4-5-03/Margaret Killian/
20 Bravo/Sac County Shelter/12-6-02 Don Moulds/
19 Suki/Sac City Shelter/10-9-02 Karen & Mindy Periera/
San Jose/3-30-03
18 Zoe (renamed Violet)/found as stray in South Sac/3-9-03 Bill Hurlburt/
San Francisco/3-30-03
** Xena/return from previous adopter/3-2-03 Ron Meisenheimer/
Elk Grove/3-23-03
** Lantz/return from previous adopter/6-16-02 Scott & Lima Cranford/
17 Duke/Sacramento (placed for owner)/12-30-02 Mario & Rebecca Ramirez/
16 Shotzi/Lodi (placed for owner)/2-13-03 Kristen Munsen-Berthold/
14&15 Josie & Sylvia/Sacramento County Shelter/12-14-03 Bobby & Verrill Brannon/Wheatland/2-23-03
13 Angeline/Sacramento County Shelter/2-2-03 Leanne Cavanaugh & Family/Elk Grove/2-14-03
12 Kelly/Sacramento (placed for owner) Robbie & Andy King/Sacramento/2-13-03
11 Missy/Sacramento (placed for owner in Live Oak)/1-21-03 Bruce & Barbara McLean/
10 Bergen/Tehama County Shelter (Red Bluff)/ Craig & Cyndi Barber/
Round Moutain, NV/2-4-03
9 Kami/Sacramento(surrendered by owner)/1-22-03 Tony & Elaine Long and family/
8 Kami's Pup #1 (Cokie)/ Sacramento (surrendered by owner)/1-22-03 Tony & Elaine Long and family/
7 Kami's Pup #2 (Kona)/
Sacramento (surrendered by owner)/1-22-03
Veronica & George Carpenter and family/
6 Gayla/Sacramento (found as stray)/8-1-02 Marie & Dave Finney/Silver Peak, NV/1-25-03
5 Lukas/Red Bluff/
December 2002
Dave, Dave Jr. & Chris 
St. Peter
4 Bear/surrendered by owner in Citrus Heights/12-17-02 Cheryl & Jeff Woods/
2 & 3 Matthew & Michaela/ surrendered by owner in Rio Linda/11-30-02 Mary, Brian, Kate & Andrew Lehman/Vacaville/1-4-03
1 Rufus (renamed Charlie)/Sac City Shelter/12-9-02 Jim & Debbie Burgett/
Los Molinos/1-1-03

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