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The following dogs are available for adoption through GSRSV. Some are at the rescue ranch, some are in foster homes and some are with their owners or caretakers working with GSRSV. For further information about these dogs, please call Brian Foran at 916-655-3125 or e-mail him at (Note: dogs that were recently adopted will be moved to the very bottom of this page and will have an "Adopted" banner above their profiles.) For information about the adoption process and fees, please see How to Adopt a Dog from GSRSV/Adoption Fees.

This picture appears next to dogs who have proven themselves to be cat-friendly. 


The flag appears above the pictures of dogs that GSRSV is placing for military families who are forced to find new homes for their dogs due to deployments. Please show your support for our service men and women by adopting or fostering their dogs!

This page was last modified September 17, 2023.
Because I am in the (long) process of moving to Central Oregon, I am rescuing very few dogs these days--thus the lack of adoptable dogs on this page.

Please check out the two other pages on this Website that list adoptable dogs from other rescue groups, shelters, caretakers and owners:
Dogs Available for Adoption from Other Area Rescue Groups and Individuals

Dogs Available for Adoption through Owner Placement


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"Faith" is a large (85-lb), approx 4-yo female longcoat GSD mix who is happy, gentle and loyal. Faith is still intact but is scheduled to be spayed on October 2, 2023. Faith is healthy, up-to-date on core vaccinations, and is microchipped.

Faith is very focused on her people. Wherever her foster caretaker (Alene) is in the house, she will sit or lay right next to her. When Alene leaves, Faith will initially whine at the door but then goes to lie down until she returns. She is also protective of Alene.

Faith is fairly cautious of new people she meets, both inside the house and beyond. She will emit a low growl and bark when new people approach her in the house but with proper introduction, she lets them get close to her.

Alene has not observed Faith with young children, but Faith loves her 14-yo daughter. Given Faith’s gentle nature, it’s almost a certainty she’ll be fine with kids.

Faith is fine with other large dogs. as she demonstrated during a visit to GSRSV's rescue ranch. She was initially timid and then somewhat reservedaround the five other dogs at the rescue ranch, but as she became more comfortable I saw some play behavior starting to surface in her.

Alene has two small dogs but has yet to introduce Faith to them. The little ones bark at Faith when she walks near their inside pen but she doesn't seem too bothered by them. Alene is more concerned that one of her little dogs will try and go after Faith more than the other way around.

Faith does NOT appear to be cat-friendly. Alene has two cats but she has not let them get very close to Faith because she gets overly excited and barks when she sees them. When one of the cats ran past Faith, she went after it. We recommend that Faith go to a home without any cats.

Faith is housetrained and can be left inside for long periods of time without incident (i.e., no peeing/pooping or chewing things up). She sleeps in Alene’s daughter’s room.

Faith appears to have received a fair amount of obedience training previously. She walks great on leash, always staying to her handler’s right side and does not pull on the leash. She is non-reactive towards other dogs and people she sees when on walks.

Faith loves riding in the car and is a very polite passenger. Alene takes Faith with her often and she simply lies down and is very calm and relaxed.

Faith loves to play fetch, especially with her Kong ball. She will drop the ball right next to Alene and waits for her to throw it again.

Alene has had Faith since 8-2-23. A friend of Alene’s daughter adopted Faith from the Sac County Animal Shelter but his parents demanded he return her to the shelter and would not let her stay the night. Alene’s daughter asked if Faith could stay at their house and Alene agreed. A few days went by and Alene and her daughter had already grown close to Faith. Because the shelter is so inundated, Alene didn't want to send Faith back there so decided to foster and seek a permanent home for her.

Faith is scheduled to be spayed on 10-2-23 at the Sac County (“Bradshaw”) shelter. If Faith is adopted prior to 10-2-23, whoever adopts her will need to bring her to the shelter on Oct 2 for the spay surgery—which is already paid for.

GSRSV met Faith on 8-23-23 and is placing her for Alene through our adoption program as a "Program Dog." This means that whoever adopts Faith will be going through GSRSV's adoption process, which includes an adoption questionnaire, house check, and adoption contract.

Faith is located in Citrus Heights. Her adoption fee is $250.

Posted 8-23-23

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"Leo" is a large (over 100 lbs), 3-yo neutered male Belgian Malinois mix who is friendly, protective and very active. Leo is overweight but otherwise healthy. He is microchipped and is up to date on core vaccinations.

Leo is OK meeting people in the house as long as he is properly introduced; otherwise, he can act aggressively. He is a very good watchdog. Outside of the house, Leo is fine with strangers.

Leo has been around young children and has done well with them. However, he is a very large dog and sometimes does not realize his own size so he might knock over a youngster in his exuberance.

Leo is OK with other dogs, including small dogs. However, he is very reactive towards other dogs that he sees when on walks. Since Leo is a large, strong dog, he will need a strong person—both physlcally and otherwise—to control him and teach him not to be reactive.

Leo might also be OK w/ cats. He has been around a cat and was just curious of it. However, it’s not a certainty that he’ll be good with cats so caution needs to be exercised.

Leo is housetrained and non-destructive when left alone inside. His guardian presently leaves him inside when she’s gone,  though she does have a neighbor let him out to relieve himself if she’ll be gone for more than four hours. Leo sleeps inside on his dog bed.

Leo is OK on leash except, as previously mentioned, when he sees other dogs. He does not have good off-leash recall.

Leo loves car rides and is a polite passenger.

Leo loves to play ball and run around. He is a fetchin' fool! He would do well in an active home where he gets lots of play time and exercise, which will also help him lose weight. Leo is not fond of water.

Amparo—Leo’s guardian—and her  husband adopted Leo from a rescue organization in 2020. Leo was small at the time and Amparo’s husband was Leo’s primary handler. Since then, Leo has grown considerably and sadly Amparo’s husband died of cancer. On top of that, Amparo recently broke one of her arms and so is unable to even walk Leo. Her arm won’t be fully healed for another four months, so she reached out to GSRSV to help he find a new home for Leo.

After listing Leo for adoption as an "Owner Placement" dog for 10 days, GSRSV took Leo in to its rescue facility.

Leo is located in Pleasant Grove. His adoption fee is $300.

Posted 6-24-23


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"Bravo" is an approx 75-lb, 1-yo neutered male GSD who is affectionate, mellow and athletic. Bravo is in good health and up-do-date on core vaccinations.  

Bravo is great with all women but can be timid of men with strong voices or mannerisms. We have not observed Bravo around young children but we're certain that he will be great with them as he has such a sweet disposition. Bravo loves to lie on the bed next to his person and cuddle!

Bravo gets along great with other dogs, including small dogs. He formerly lived in a foster home with two Chihuahuas who he coexisted s very well with. Bravo really enjoys the company of other dogs and they seem to boost his confidence. I will give preference to a home with other dogs for Bravo.

Bravo appears to be OK with cats. He was introduced to a cat when he was at the shelter and showed no interest in it. He's also very submissive towards other dogs, which is a good sign that he'll likely be OK with cats.

Bravo is housetrained as far as elimination goes. In his former foster home, he did get into mischief when left uncrated in the house. For example, he'd occasionally take items such as wooden spoons off the counters and chew them. He also chewed up magazines and a few other things when left uncrated in the house.  

Bravo walks great on leash. His off-leash recall is very good, too.

Bravo loves to go for rides in a vehicle and is a polite passenger.  

Bravo is learning to play fetch but gets distracted by the other dogs. He likes toys.  

Overall, Bravo is a very sweet, mellow dog and will make a great addition to any family. 

Bravo was found abandoned with another German Shepherd in an orchard near Colusa on January 23. He was taken to the Colusa County shelter and was later neutered at UC Davis. GSRSV rescued Bravo on Feb 11 and he immediately went to a foster home in Orland.  

Bravo is now located in Pleasant Grove. His adoption fee is $300.

Posted 6-24-23

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Adopted 8-26-23!

"Gloria" is an approx 65-lb, 2-3-yo spayed female GSD who is sweet, affectionate and mellow. She has a very soft, relatively thin coat--unusual for a GSD. (Genetically, she might be a mix, but outwardly she looks all GSD.)

Gloria is friendly with everyone she meets. She's fairly gentle so I'm sure that she'll be great with children. She loves to snuggle--even all night!

Gloria is very comfortable around other dogs but so far has not been very playful with any of the GSRSV dogs.  I think that she would be more playful with another dog if it was just one or two other dogs that she lived with. She'd also be fine as an only dog.

I have not observed Gloria around cats. I might consider her for a home w/ a dog-savvy cat but will give preference to adopters without cats.

Gloria is fully housetrained but might get a little mischievous if left alone in the house. I formerly crated her at night, so she's accustomed to being in a crate--which will help her make a transition to a new home.

Gloria obeys some basic commands and  walks well on leash. She also has very good recall when off leash.

Gloria loves to go for rides in the car and is a polite passenger.

So far I have not observed much in the way of play behavior with Gloria. Perhaps once she is adopted more of her playful side will emerge.

Gloria received a "gastropexy" procedure when she was spayed, which will prevent her stomach from  turning (volvulus) if she were to ever bloat. Bloat (gastric dilitation) is an often fatal condition when the stomach turns.

Gloria was brought to the Colusa County Shelter in Colusa, CA, on 9-19-22 as a stray. Nobody claimed her and she was running out of time. GSRSV rescued her from the shelter on 11-12-22.

Gloria is located in Sacramento. Her adoption fee is $300.

Posted 11-22-22; updated 11-29-22; updated 2-2-23


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Adopted 7-5-23!

"Daisy" is a 60- lb, approx 1 1/2-yo spayed female Husky/GSD who is mellow, affectionate and playful. Daisy is healthy and UTD on core vaccinations.

Daisy is friendly with all people and I'm sure she'd be great with young children. She will likely NOT make a great watchdog as she is not very vocal and has more of a happy-go-lucky Husky personality than a protective GSD personality.

Daisy does great w/ the other dogs here at GSRSV's rescue ranch. (Click here for a video of Daisy romping around w/ the other dogs.) Her one down side w/ other dogs is that she occasionally exhibits food-aggression when competing for free-for-all biscuits. However, she responds very quickly to verbal corrections. She likes to be chased by other dogs, but is also fairly independent.

I have not observed Daisy around cats, but due to her strong prey drive for little critters I will NOT consider a home with cats for her.

Daisy is completely housetrained and perfectly behaved inside. She has not had a single accident at my place. Daisy is NOT a fence-jumper, and the 5' fence in my backyard contains her fine when I'm gone. She also has access to the house via a dog door 24/7.

Daisy walks great on a leash--she's super-easy. She also appears to have received some basic obedience training and knows a few commands.

Daisy enjoys car rides and is a very calm passenger.

I haven't observed Daisy playing with any toys, but that could well change once she does not have so many dogs to compete with. She likes to spend time out in the fields hunting for rodents or chasing birds. Daisy also loves to swim and splash in ponds.

A woman in Merced (Natalie) found Daisy on March 7 in traffic in front of her house. Though Daisy was very scared and cautious, Natalie was able to draw her in with food. Because Natalie has several cats and no place to house Daisy separately, she had to call animal control to pick up Daisy.

Natalie visited Daisy a couple of times at the Merced County Shelter, where and Daisy was friendly and inquisitive. Natalie knew Daisy's chances of getting adopted were slim due to the large number of Husky & Husky mixes at the shelter and few adoptions, so she reached out to local rescue groups.

After coming up empty-handed with local rescue groups, Natalie contacted GSRSV. Though I had no plans to pull any shelter dogs, I was impressed w/ Natalie's dedication to saving Daisy. I told Natalie that if she adopted Daisy (so that she would be spayed upon leaving the shelter) and transported her to my rescue ranch, I'd take Daisy in. Natalie jumped on this offer and brought Daisy to the rescue ranch on 3-21-23. 

Daisy is located in Pleasant Grove, CA. Her adoption fee is $300.


Posted 5-19-23.