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Following is a table listing the dogs that GSRSV rescued and placed in loving homes in 2006. Though we are a small rescue group, we work hard to rescue as many German Shepherds and GSD mixes as we can. 

Most of the dogs that GSRSV rescues are kept together in one facility, and don't receive as much of the one-on-one attention that makes a true "foster home." Additionally, lack of foster caretakers limits the number of dogs that GSRSV can rescue at any given time. Please help GSRSV save as many dogs as possible by becoming a foster caretaker!

Name of Dog/Place of Rescue/
Date of Rescue
Name of Adopter/City/
Date of Adoption
27 Hank/Oakland Animal Shelter/12-6-06 Heather & Dennis Monsen (dog Willow)/
26 Uhlan/placed for owner in San Rafael/12-4-06 Shannon Kentera/
25 Harley (renamed Riley)/ placed for rescuer in Rocklin/12-4-06 Janet Wheeling & Henry Coufos/
Rough & Ready/12-9-06
24 Raider/Merced County Shelter/9-13-06 Stephen Feinberg & Jenny Miller/Oakland/11-1-06
23 Prince/took in from previous owner/4-12-06 Teppei & Gabriella Einaga/
Oregon House/10-3-06
22 Hank/took in from previous owner/12-27-05 Tom Guerra & dog Shasta/
21 Heidi/placed for owner in Vacaville/8-8-06 Laura & David Dlugacz/
20 Toby/returned by former adopter/3-15-06 Dianne Foster/
19 Jewel/placed for foster family in Modesto/7-22-06 Laurie,Jeff & Madison Moore/
18 Visalia/Tulare County Animal Shelter/4-6-06 Darrell Dion/
Gardnerville, NV/8-19-06
17 Riley ("Lupine")/surrendered to GSRSV by owner/3-14-06 Dallas & ChrisVaughn/
Pioneer, CA/7-5-06 
16 Kenya/placed for owner in Davis/5-31-06 Nick Edwards & Norma Watkins/Elk Grove/6-16-06
15 Heidi/returned by former adopter (from 2003)/5-10-06 Dennis, Sue & Kirsten Nichols/
14 Grover/found as stray in Sacramento/2-28-06/ CJ Ojanpera/
Minden, NV/5-6-06
13 Zoey/placed for owner in Elk Grove/2-18-06 Sherri Smith/
12 Boris/Pet Lifeline 
(Yuba City)/11-8-04
Dianne Foster/
11 Nikko/surrendered by owner in Rocklin/7-3-05 Jon & Heather Cornelison and Family/Vacaville/4-8-06
10 Kona/returned by previous adopter/1-31-06 Sharon & Sarah Gregory/Sacramento/3-18-06
9 Cybil/Antelope (found as stray)/1-4-06 Paula Rodrique/Reno/3-10-06
8 Bella (fawn female puppy)/Sac County Shelter/1-7-06 Bonnie & Lanny Perce/
Santa Cruz/3-8-06
7 Casey (sable female puppy)/Sac County Shelter/1-7-06 Allison Plattner & Family/Milbrae/3-8-06
6 Dragen (fawn male puppy)/Sac County Shelter/1-7-06
Mary & Forest Halstead/
5 Coolie (male longcoat puppy)/Sac County Shelter/1-7-06 Marnie Wilson/Salt Lake City, UT/2-11-06
4 Sierra/surrendered by owner fromWest Sacramento/ 4-18-05 David Weightman & Ann Naimark/Sacramento/3-18-06
3 Schultz/surrendered by owner from Corning/6-24-04 Fred & Dana Lusk/
2 Lution/Sac County Shelter/1-6-06 Perris Gillin & Karin Roland/
Rancho Murrieta/1-13-06
1 Bosco/
found as stray in Pioneer/9-21-05
Christine Rosenberg/

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