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The following German Shepherds and German Shepherd mixes are being fostered by other rescue groups or individuals in the Sacramento area. I have not seen or evaluated most of these dogs, so I can not guarantee their temperament or health. However, because rescue groups such as mine or individuals rescuing on their own are offering these dogs for adoption, I am posting these dogs as a courtesy to those rescuers. As with rescuing a dog from GSRSV, you will also have the benefit of knowing the dog's temperament from its foster caretaker (in most cases).

This picture appears next to dogs that have proven themselves to be cat-friendly.

Please contact the individual or group name listed with a particular dog for more information about that dog! If you find that a dog that is listed here is no longer available for adoption, please let me know so I can remove the listing. Contact Brian at either bab43@msn.com or 916-655-3125.


Some statements are controversial: Dutch Bros is better than Starbucks. (Or not.) We should do away with daylight saving time. (Or not.) Toy Story 4 is better than Toy Story, Toy Story 2, and Toy Story 3. (Or not.) However, some statements are not controversial: Havana is the goodest girl.When you walk Havana on a leash, she will float beside you like a low-lying cloud. You will not even know that she is there, except for when you pass by someone and they inevitably comment, "Oh my gosh, she is the goodest girl." If you sit down next to Havana, please exercise caution. This is because she will inevitably rest her head in your lap, gaze up at you in pure adoration, and your heart will be officially stolen. At this point, you will be unable to resist adopting her.

Click to see a video of Havana here: https://youtu.be/O6XAwqlz7oo

See Havana's full profile, including adoption information at: https://petharbor.com/pet.asp?uaid=SACC.A830805

Posted 5-26-23


Sacramento, CA


My name is Shaggy and I am 5 years old. I may be a big boy but I am 110 pounds of floofs and a whole lot of love. I enjoy going on walks, and although I may be strong at times, I walk well on the right lead. I appear to be potty trained because I often keep my kennel clean. I love people and enjoy affection and belly rubs. I am treat motivated and will sit and wait patiently to get some yummy treats. I would love to go home very soon and would enjoy having a yard to play in and a kiddie pool to lay in. I sometimes like to use my hips to say hello to dogs, which can cause them to become irritated with me, so I will need a little help learning more polite manners around canines. If you have a dog at home, please bring them by to meet me. The wonderful shelter staff will be glad to assist you with slow and proper dog to dog introduction here at the shelter to see if we can be a good match. I hope to see you soon as I am eager to leave this place behind and start a new life with you.

Click to see a video of Shaggy here: https://youtu.be/GZB4oMP4SOo

See Shaggy's full profile, including adoption information at:  https://petharbor.com/pet.asp?uaid=SACC.A829940

Posted 5-30-23

Sacramento, CA


"Miss Jimmi" is a 3-yo spayed female GSD who staff & volunteers at the Sac County Shelter say is "VERY smart, treat motivated and eager to please! Miss Jimmi has been increasing her skill set here, and obeys several commands." Miss Jimmi acts defensively around other dogs, but that may well change outside of the shelter environment.

Miss Jimmi was recently adopted from the shelter, but was returned because she did not do well w/ the adopters' cat(s) or chickens. Well, imagine that! Because she was returned and the shelter is crammed full of dogs, Miss Jimmi has only been given one additional week to live.

Click to see a video of Miss Jimmi here: https://youtu.be/0Qcj59EmOHg.

See Miss Jimmi's full profile, including adoption information at: https://24petconnect.com/SacramentoC.../Details/SACC/A829011

Posted 5-26-23



Colusa, CA

"Gator" is an approx 10-month old male Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd mix who loves to play and bounce!

Despite his classic Malinois "air chomps," Gator takes treats gently from your hand and gives teeth free kisses.

Gator is learning his house manners and basic commands, and being walked every day. He is still young enough to be trained into the perfect companion; his Shepherd brain makes him a quick learner. He will do best in an active family or with someone that has a job or hobby for him to do.

Gator was found wandering alone and a little nervous, but quickly warmed up to everyone involved in his rescue. 

Gator is vaccinated & dewormed.
He is NOT neutered so you will need to take care of this at a vet or spay/neuter clinic. In addition to the miniscule $10 adoption fee, a $50 neuter deposit will be required. The deposit is fully refundable upon proof of neuter. Spaying/neutering shelter animals is required by California law; it is not optional.

All adoptions are by appointment only. If you are interested in adopting Gator, please request an application by sending an e-mail to Jenna Lambgino at jlambgino@countyofcolusa.com. After they receive your application, an officer will contact you.

You can also call the Colusa County shelter at (530) 458-0247, or visit Gator at the shelter between the hours of 2:00-3:00 PM, M-F, and Sat-Sun 8:00-4:00. (There are no specific dog-visiting hours on Sat & Sun, so be sure to call ahead to make sure that an officer will be at the shelter when you arrive.)

Posted 4-21-23

Elk Grove, CA

"Luster" (solid black) and "Eesha" (black/tan) are two beautiful, friendly female GSDs who are available for adoption at the City of Elk Grove Animal Shelter. Though they are not the only GSDs at that shelter, they are the only ones who I know a little background on that I can share with you.

In early March, a woman in Elk Grove (Janna) found the two dogs wandering loose near her house and was able to secure them even though neither were wearing collars. In Janna's own words, "Both were soaking wet due to the storms. Very comfortable with me drying them off even under and allowed me to touch and pick up each paw with no hesitation.

Both allowed me to put borrowed collars and leashes on them and would walk with me. Did not allow them in house but on the patio when I placed dry towels and blankets down they went directly to them and settled down. They are both super loving. When the (animal control) officer came they were excited and went with her easily."

Luster & Eesha sound like gems to me! Since they have already been at the shelter for over a month, their days are surely numbered. Their adoption fee is only $100 each, which will include their spaying!

If interested in meeting either Luster or Eesha, please contact the Elk Grove Animal Shelter at 916-687-3042 to make sure they are still there and refer to them by their ID numbers: Luster's is A045467, and Eesha's is A045466.

The Elk Grove Animal Shelter is open Tues-Sun, Noon-6:00 PM. They are located at 9150 Union Park Way.

Posted 4-5-23

Click for larger image.


Click for larger image.

Patterson, CA

"Sparrow" is a 45-lb, approx 3-yo neutered male GSD mix who is attentive, loving and playful. Sparrow is in good health and up-to-date on core vaccinations.

Sparrow is good with strangers he meets both inside the home and beyond. Though we don’t know how Sparrow is with children, his temperament suggests he’ll be good with them. He takes treats gently and rarely jumps or barks.

Sparrow likes to play with other non-alpha dogs and is good with little dogs; he lives w/ an eight-lb Maltese who he is fine with.

Sparrow likes to chase the cats he lives with, but has never hurt them. He backs off right away when his person tells him to stop chasing.

Sparrow is housetrained and is trusted inside without supervision; he uses a dog door to let himself outside. He sleeps inside the laundry room or in the garage.

Sparrow walks well on leash. He gets excited when seeing other dogs on walks but his reaction is non-aggressive. Sparrow has good off-leash recall.

Sparrow loves to ride in the car and hops right in.

Sparrow loves to run, play catch and fetch.

Shivaughn, Sparrow’s person, adopted him from the Stanislaus County Animal Shelter on 1-25-23 to keep him from being euthanized. She was planning all along to find him a permanent home.

Sparrow is located in Patterson. His adoption fee is $100.

Please contact Shivaughn Alves at 209-605-6716 or shivaugnmaureen@gmail.com.

Posted 3-15-23

Click for larger image.

Click for larger image.

Tracy, CA

"Cochise" is an approx 1-yo neutered male Belgian Malinois who is smart, friendly and playful. He is healthy, UTD on vaccinations and microchipped.

Cochise is a little bit shy at first when meeting new people but warms up quickly and then loves to stay by your side. He loves to be petted and enjoys leaning on people.

Cochise is a quick learner and takes treats very gently. He may have had an abusive past so someone gentle & understanding is his preferred type of person.

Cochise is house-trained and crate-trained, but He would benefit from some basic obedience training and an experienced handler.

Cochise’s adoption fee is $350. If you are interested in meeting Cochise go to the Tracy People for Pets website to fill out an adoption application. Then, return it to inquiries@peopleforpets.com. 

Posted 2-26-23

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Reno, NV

"Akela" is an approx 6-7 yo spayed female GSD mix who is a real sweetheart. She has been to a vet and she appears to be in good health.

This poor girl was a stray on the streets for months before she was traumatically chased and caught and brought to the shelter. She is fearful of strangers, shy and reserved when in public.

Akela is cautious to stimulation and doesn't play with toys but is very food/treat motivated. She typically relaxes around the house and occasionally will engage in play with her new owner who adopted her from the shelter and has bonded with him. Akela gets along nicely with his male Therapy Dog.

Akela would make a great buddy for an active senior.  She is a wonderful sweet companion but is having a tough time learning to be house trained. She will go out for walks but still comes in and relieves herself. She is just used to going outside and will need some time and patience in a new home. A nice back yard would be helpful, with 6' fencing.

Akela's owner is disabled and has health issues and cannot keep her. He is terribly heartbroken that he has to give her up as he has never given up on an animal in his life.

Akela would be very happy in a new home that has a calm environment and no children. She needs someone with experience and who would be around a lot to help her rehabilitate and blossom into the happy dog she should be. Please help this sweetheart find a loving home.

If you are interested in helping Akela, please visit http://www.LakeTahoeWolfRescue.com, go to the page WANT TO ADOPT? and follow the directions. Contact is PamelaJoWolflady2@sbcglobal.net.

Posted 2-23-23

Click for larger image.

Click for larger image.

"Duff" is an approx 8-yo male GSD available for adoption from the animal shelter in Fallon, NV. Poor Duff has been at the shelter since July 20, 2021, when he was brought in as a stray.

Duff is very friendly with people, but the shelter feels he would do best as an only dog. [Note from GSRSV: he'd likely do fine w/ a medium to large female dog.]

A vet diagnosed Duff w/ Degenerative Myelopathy (DM, which is a non-painful disease of the spinal cord that will eventually cause Duff to be unable to walk. However, diagnosing DM is not a precise science and it's possible that Duff just has hip issues. Either way, he's not 100% in the rear end so whoever adopts Duff should expect some deterioration in his mobility and be prepared to help him out with that. (Wheel carts can really help dogs with DM.)

If you're interested in learning more about Duff, please contact the City of Fallon Animal Shelter at (775) 423-2282.

Posted 11-29-21


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Fresno, CA

"Sasha" is a beautiful approx 5-yo spayed female GSD who is loving, playful and somewhat alpha.

Sasha is healthy and current on her rabies and distemper/parvo vaccinations.

Sasha initially barks at strangers who come into the house, but once they are introduced is very friendly. She’s also friendly with people she meets beyond her own territory.

Sasha is great with young children; her people have kids over often and she plays gently with them and loves attention. She waits patiently for treats and takes them gently from hand.

Sasha has only been around the dogs in her current home since her people took her in back in June and has not done well with them. She gets jealous easily when the other dogs receive attention and drives them away.

Sasha does NOT get along with cats, so a home WITHOUT CATS is in order.

Sasha’s people keep her outside primarily, so they can’t say definitively if she’s housetrained. However, they have had her inside on a few occasions for 2-4 hours and she did not have any accidents during those times.

Sasha likely received some obedience training previously as she sits and shakes her paw on command. She walks well on leash without distractions, and when she sees other dogs when she is on a walk she only wants to check them out—she doesn’t go ballistic.

Sasha rides well in a car. She likes squeaky toys. It’s unknown if she’s a swimmer.

Sasha’s people found her as a stray in June 2021 and were unable to find her owner. They decided to keep her and had her spayed in August. Unfortunately, Sasha is very jealous of the existing dogs in her home which has led to altercations. Regretfully, her people are seeking a new home for her.

Sasha Is located in Fresno. Her adoption fee is $100.

Please contact Rebecca Hoffman at beckyhearts@gmail.com or 559-824-2110.

Posted 11-14-21

Click for larger image.

Click for larger image.

"Patti" is a beautiful, approx 6-yo old spayed female GSD/Chow or GSD/Shiba Inu mix who is a staff and volunteer favorite at the Sac County ("Bradshaw") animal shelter. She’s a polite dog who seeks attention and soaks it up. (Click here for a short video of Patti soaking it up!)

Patti enjoys going on walks and has good leash manners. She is looking for a home with a patient adopter who will take the time to let her acclimate to her new environment and the family’s routine. This will include slow introductions to family pets. She has done well in playgroups with other low-energy, respectful female and male dogs. She would do best in a home without cats as she was returned once to the shelter already for chasing the resident cat.

Patti would love to be adopted or fostered, as kennel life is very stressful for her. To foster Patti, fill out a foster application at https://bit.ly/2TTvu0F and send it to fosterrescueprogram@saccounty.net.

To meet and adopt Patti, please call the Sac County shelter's adoption by appointment line at 916-875-2287. The appointment phone lines are open Tuesday-Sunday from 9:30am to 3:30pm. (closed Monday and holidays).

Be prepared to give the shelter representative Patti’s animal ID number: A796218. The phones get busy, so if you don’t get through right away, keep trying. They're working hard to provide each potential adopter with excellent customer service!

Posted 10-6-21

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