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GSRSV's Rescue Record
for the Year 2000



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GSRSV's 2000 Rescue Record

Following is a table listing the dogs that we rescued and placed in loving homes in the year 2000.Though we are a small rescue group, we work hard to rescue as many German Shepherds as we can. 

Name of Dog/Place of Rescue/
Date of Rescue
Name of Adopter/City/
Date of Adoption
Gigi/Sac County Shelter/11-11-00 Mike, Kathy & Jamie Monaghan/
Sonic/Sac County Shelter/10-26-00 Gary & Debra Richards/
Penn Valley/12-18-00
Gretta/Sac SPCA/10-18-00 Jim & Susie Wells/
Yukon (Bob)/Sac SPCA/10-14-00 Craig & Angie Koss/
San Lorenzo/11-12-00
Abby/Roseville SPCA/10-25-00 Chuck Sinclair/
North Highlands/10-27-00
Fraulein (Cheyenne)/Sac County Shelter/10-9-00 Troy & Carol McAlpin/
Kayden/Sutter County Shelter
(Yuba City)/10-7-00
Michelle Ebey/Yuba City/10-14-00
Baylor/Sutter County Shelter
(Yuba City)/9-18-00
Erling & Pat Grimstad/
Newport, OR/9-28-00
King & Koko/Strays
(Fair Oaks)/9-7-00
Shirley & Robert Whalen/
Blairsden, CA/10-22-00
Bear/Owner Surrender/9-6-00 Judy Hagins & Lester Oliver/
Rio Linda/9-6-00
Freddie (Max)/Sac SPCA/9-2-00 Frank & Lisa Kodl/Auburn/10-14-00
Rex/Sac SPCA/8-27-00 Nikki & Earl Grover/ Jamestown/9-12-00
Tessi/Sac County Shelter/8-25-00 Kathy & Jacob Oliver/ Anderson/10-22-00
Sherry/Sac SPCA/8-5-00 Sue & Bill Barnickol/
Cedar Ridge/9-24-00
Sheba/Sac County Shelter/6-21-00 Suzanne & Chris Siebold/
Colton/Sac County Shelter/June 2000 Larry & Bonnie Boeger/
Tayren/Sac County Shelter/June 2000 John Fries/
Cindy (Kayla)/Sac County Shelter/5-20-00 Clayton & Nescie Bagwell/Antioch/6-11-00
Candy/Abandoned (Sacramento)/
Larry & Rita Russert/
Sandy/Sac City Shelter/1999 Herb Stone/

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