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GSRSV's Rescue Record
for the Year 2001



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Though we are a small rescue group, we work hard to rescue as many German Shepherds as we can. Following is a table listing the dogs that we rescued and placed in loving homes in the year 2001. For the entire year, we placed 55 dogs, which was well over twice the number of dogs (22) that we placed throughout the year 2000! 

Most of the dogs placed by GSRSV were fostered by just one person. Most of GSRSV's rescue dogs are now kept together in one facility, and don't receive the one-on-one attention that makes a true "foster home." Additionally, lack of foster caretakers limits the number of dogs that GSRSV can rescue at any given time. 

Please help GSRSV save even more dogs in the year 2002 by becoming a foster caretaker!

Name of Dog/Place of Rescue/
Date of Rescue
Name of Adopter/City/
Date of Adoption
56 Sara/Del Paso Heights/10-21-01 Tori Bowlin/Reno/
55 Inca/San Jose/8-27-01 Mary & Carl Stevens/
54 Fred/Sacramento/12-12-01 Michael & Marie Koopman/
53 Comet/Placer SPCA/
Jennifer Woock/Carmichael/
52 Soncha/Owner Assist (Antelope)/
Kim-Son Ziegler/
51 Gretchen/Yolo County SPCA/5-18-01 Rick & Terri Figueroa/
50 Zeus/Owner Assist (Sacramento)/
Clint & Cindy Weaver/
49 Zeus/Owner-Assist 
(Rancho Cordova)/9-14-01
Liz Wevers/Coarsegold/10-6-01
48 Abby/Sac County Shelter/6-2-01 Eric & Darlene Hall/ Rocklin/9-29-01
47 Nick/Sac County Shelter/8-3-01 Randy Elftmann/Roseville/9-29-01
46 Teddy (mother was rescued pregnant from Sac City Shelter 5-26-01) Mark & Viloet Busby/
45 Simba/(mother was rescued pregnant from Sac City Shelter 5-26-01) Rebecca & Dave DiMarino/ Fairfield/9-29-01
44 Titan/Sac City Shelter/7-2-01 Brett Axelbaum/Roseville/9-25-01
43 Heidi/Sac City Shelter/9-20-01 Mike DaCosta/Folsom/9-20-01
42 Lexie/Sac City Shelter/7-26-01 LeeAnn Newlan/Redding/9-16-01
41 Shoshone/Owner-Assist (Roseville)/8-14-01 Lynn Kons & Family/Carmichael/9-15-01
40 Abbie/Sac County Shelter/7-31-01 Kim Kline/Roseville/9-8-01
39 Hannah/Sac County Shelter/7-7-01 Alvin Tuvilla & Cherise Keilman/ Rancho Cordova/9-8-01
38 Katy/Owner-Assist (Elk Grove)/8-29-01 Dr. Paul Beatty & Debra Lawlor/ Mokelumne Hill/9-2-01
37 Kodiak/Sac City Shelter/February 2001 Terri Wade/
36 Cloe/Sac SPCA/5-16-01 Jim Gordon/
Rancho Cordova/8-30-01
35 Puppy (one of Cleo's five pups)/6-18-01 Eric & Debbie Swaeger/
American Canyon/8-28-01
34 Puppy (one of Cleo's five pups)/6-18-01 Tom & Vaughnette Lovell/
Dunnigan/ 8-27-01
33 Puppy (one of Cleo's five pups)/6-18-01 Nicole Raney/
San Ramon/8-26-01
32 Bodie/Sac SPCA/6-24-01 Genevieve Farnady & Randy Meyer/Reno/8-19-01
31 Katie/Sac County Shelter/6-2-01 Stuart & Tammie Clark/
30 Simba/Owner-Assist (Foresthill)/6-25-01 Ada & Ed Samuels/
29 Bella/Owner-Assist (Rio Linda)/6-7-01  Judy & Brandy Barnett/
28 Bobbi/Sac City Shelter/4-7-01 Eleanor & Phil Smith/
27 Shadow/Sac City Shelter 
(one of Zelda's five pups)/4-14-01
Mendy Bower/
Grass Valley/7-19-01
26 Frisky/Sac County Shelter/3-31-01 Kris Nelson & Mac McLeod/
25 Kyle/Sac County Shelter/6-2-01 Rod & Laurie Christopher/
24 Lark/Sac County Shelter/May 2001 Sharon Godie/ July 2001
23 Shila/Amador County Shelter/4-25-01 Beverly Brazeau/
Elk Grove/ July 2001
22 Bucky/Sac City Shelter/4-25-01 Debbie Saeger/
21 Belle/Owner-Assist (Foresthill)/5-21-01 Janette & John Nunez/
20 Bernadette/Sac City Shelter 
(one of Zelda's five pups)/4-14-01
Lori Gallagher & Gil Topete/
19 Rusty/Sac City Shelter/5-18-01 Steve & Jan Conley/
18 Dante/Sac City Shelter 
(one of Zelda's five pups)/4-14-01
Andy & Nicole Donahue/
17 Newt/Sac City Shelter 
(one of Zelda's  five pups)/4-14-01
Pete & Sharon Davies/
West Sacramento/6-12-01
16 Ranger/Sac City Shelter (Zelda's pup)/4-14-01 Stuart & Tammie Clark/
15 Sandy/Sac City Shelter/4-7-01 Ann Armstrong/
Grass Valley/6-3-01
14 Indiana/Sac City Shelter/4-24-01 Leilani & Chelsey Love/
Elk Grove/5-27-01
13 Ruby (renamed Rica)/3-24-01 Margaret & Richard Jones/
12 Mickey/Sac County Shelter/12-6-00 Cindy & Jeff Periera/
11 Jetta/Sac City Shelter/4-5-01 Greg Helms & Tracy Martineau/
Crescent City/4-29-01
10 Luvy/Sac County Shelter/2-6-01 Joe Indence/
9 Logan/Sac City Shelter/4-24-01 Barbara Meals/
8 Max/Sacramento (Owner Assist-Sacramento)/3-12-01 Lane Hagerdorn/
Suisun City/4-24-01
7 Happy/Sac County Shelter/2-6-01 Ron & Diane Chesterman/
Elk Grove/4-15-01
6 Gretta/Fair Oaks (resident)/January 2001 Tor & Linda Eckert/
Penn Valley/4-8-01
5 Blazer (renamed Jager)/
Sac County Shelter/3-19-01
Art & Rachel Fingerle/
Elk Grove/4-7-01
4 Lucky/Sac County Shelter/2-24-01 Dominique & Sue Biuno/
3 Holly/Sac SPCA/2-27-01 Curtis & Sue Tarpley/
2 King/Sac County Shelter/2-6-01 Paolo Tran/
Reno, NV/2-27-01
1 Taffy/Placer SPCA/1-16-01 Pete & Kelly DaCosta/
Cameron Park/2-23-01/

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