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GSRSV's 2011
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Following is a table listing the dogs that GSRSV rescued and placed in loving homes in 2011. 

GSRSV is a one-man operation. I am presently focused on placing dogs whose owners/caregivers can no longer keep them. A "full house" of dogs at my rescue facility and lack of foster caretakers limits my ability to rescue from shelters. Please help GSRSV save as many dogs as possible by becoming a foster caretaker!

Name of Dog/Place of Rescue (or Evaluation)/
Date of Rescue (or Evaluation)
Name of Adopter(s)/
City/Date of Adoption
35 Lucy/Took in from women who found Lucy in South Sacramento/8-15-11 Joel & Brandy Hancocks/
34 Nadia/Shasta County Shelter (Redding)/
Michael Christian & Mary Kilkenny/
Los Gatos/12-10-11
33 Benny/Took in from owner in Magalia/
Paul Woodward  & dog Susie/
32 Bongo (renamed Desi)/Took in from fellow rescuer/
Tracey & Dave Wiltshire, 
dog Macee
Fair Oaks/11-13-11
31 River (renamed Salsa)/Sac SPCA/11-12-11 Bruce & (daughter) Erin Jefferson, dog Chips/
30 Zita/Elverta (found as stray by woman who took her in)/10-7-11 Kai & Melissa Forsberg and family (Zita is on left in picture)/
Plumas Lake/10-28-11
29 Tara/Took in from owner from Sacramento/9-19-11 Meg Scantlebury/
28 Ziggy/Wasco City Shelter/
Kayalucia Lauwerys-Morrish & Robert Morrish/Los Gatos/
27 Miranda (renamed Cookie)/Carmichael (took in from woman who could not afford vet expense to treat) Miranda/7-15-11 Sarah, Joe & Zoe Ireland (dogs Meatball & Indy)/
So Lake Tahoe/9-13-11
26 Roxy/Pleasant Grove (took in from elderly woman who passed away)/
Michelle, Alan, Spencer & Parker Millar (and dog Jack)/
El Dorado Hills/9-10-11
25 Bobeek/Pleasant Grove/
Kim, Fred & David Beltjens (female GSD Lola)/Roseville/8-29-11
24 Lobo (renamed Prieto)/Pleasant Grove/
Took in from owner 12-12-09
The Murphies/
23 Lady Sadie/Placed for owners from Folsom/Evaluated 8-6-11 Karen Stafford/
22 Smokey/Sac County Shelter/
Leea & Bryan Hinsz/
21 Hans/Burnham Animal Vet Clinic, Willow, CA/4-23-11 Cathleen, Allan & Matt Wadhams/
Walnut Creek/8-4-11
20 Heidi/Surrendered to GSRSV by owner/
Evaluated 6-25-11
Dianne C/Roseville/
19 Nokia/Surrendered to GSRSV by owner/
Bridget Kennedy & Eric Parker/
18 Schultz/Glenn County Animal Shelter/
Chris Stone/West Sacramento/
17 Petula/Kings County Shelter (Hanford)/
January 2011
Tom, Stephanie & Jessica Thrasher/
San Rafael/6-15-11
16 Jade/Placed for woman from Rocklin who was moving to Hawaii/4-29-11 Mary Ann Giorgiani/
San Leandro/6-3-11
15 River/Yuba County Shelter/2-24-11 Anousone (Ana) Ngouyaphanh and Jason Healy (little dog Snow)/Sacramento/5-14-11
14 Gherig/Sac County Shelter/
Danielle & Spencer Wilt/
13 Hugo/Took in from Deputy Sheriff in Marysville /3-7-11  Brittany & Ryan Rockwell (dogs Bella & Beamer)/Rocklin/4-23-11
12 Carly/Sac County Shelter/
Brian, Mary Rose, Andrew and Michael Lehman/
11 Grace/Placed for family in Stockton/
Evaluated 1-9-11  
Michael & Tanya Altmann/
10 Danny/Took in from rescuer in Santa Rosa who rescued Danny from the Kings County shelter in Lemoore, CA/
Dave & Margaret Lukens (Dave with Danny, Margaret to his right; pictured with family members)/
Santa Clara/3-6-11
9 Jack/Took in from woman in Folsom who rescued Jack from a neglectful situation/12-29-11 Quinn McGinnes (girlfriend Theresa)/
8 Sabrina/Took in from man in Lincoln who rescued Sabrina from a neglectful situation/1-9-11 Paul & Guine Olson/
Sparks, NV/3-5-11
7 Shadow/Took in from owner in Roseville/1-23-11 Eric, Erica & Reger Graham/
6 Madius/Shasta County Shelter (Redding)1-22-11 Heath, Tina, Michael, Richard, Caleb & Olivia Rohl/Antelope/2-11-11 
5 Cleopatra/Took in from owner who lost Sacramento rental house to foreclosure/12-21-10 Joel & Brandy Hancocks/
4 Rocky/Placed for family in El Dorado Hills/Evaluated 1-6-11 Cammie Cooper/
3 Conner (renamed Jager)/
Sac County Shelter/12-2-10
Lisa Underwood & James Fisher/
So Lake Tahoe/1-16-11
2 Heidi/Placed for owner in West Sacramento/Evaluated 3-11-10 Deborah & Chuck Vintere/
Nevada City/1-15-11
1 Katie (renamed Rosie)/Merced County Shelter/10-8-10 Erika Bleyberg & Jeff Hoppe/
Reno, NV/1-10-11

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