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GSRSV's 2016 
Rescue/Adoption Record



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Following is a table listing the dogs that GSRSV either rescued or provided placement assistance to and placed in loving homes during the year 2016. 

GSRSV is primarily a one-man operation. While my goal is to rescue those dogs most at risk of euthanasia, a "full house" of dogs at my rescue facility and lack of foster caretakers limits my ability to rescue from shelters. Please help GSRSV save as many dogs as possible by becoming a foster caretaker!

Name of Dog/Place of Rescue/
Date of Rescue (or Evaluation) 
Name of Adopter(s)/
City/Date of Adoption
41 Zita/Returned by former adopter (from 2011)/8-21-16 Roberta Bender/Sacramento/12-25-16
40 Aristoo/Placed for owner in Shasta Lake/
Evaluated 11-5-16
Don & Michelle Lawrence (w/ Drucilla, on left)/Roseville/12-16-16
39 Tenaya/Took in from owner in Bishop, CA/11-28-16 Tonia Hanson/Paradise/12-5-16
38 Onyx/Stanislaus County Shelter/5-6-16 John Sandusky/Reno, NV/11-27-16
37 Zaila/Returned by former adopter from July 2015/
Valerie Turner & Jesse Hinaman and family/Folsom/11-15-16
36 Reina/Martinez Shelter/8-16-16 Carrie & Troy Terry/Roseville/11-5-16 (dog Taz, right in photo)
35 Lana/Stanislaus County Shelter/8-22-16 Gina Laspina & Cisco Cortez/
34 Loba/Took in from owners in So Sacramento/
Lisa & Ethan Crawford (male GSD Kane on left)/Roseburg, OR/10-8-16
33 Echo/Placed for family in Nevada City/
Evaluated 8-9-16
Ed, Kris, Nick, Drew & Lexi Tavares/
32 Raisin/Stanislaus County Shelter/5-31-16 Jake, Angie & Rhiannon Familia (with dog Luna on right)/Elverta/9-2-16
31- Luna/Placed for woman in Greenhaven/
Evaluated 2-28-16
Jay Hagstrom/Oakland, OR/
30 Kiedis/Took in from owner in Manteca/6-29-16 Curt & Patti Backhaus/
29 Callie/Placed for woman in Sacramento who took Callie in to prevent her from going to shelter/Evaluated 8-18-16 Nicole Costantini/Davis/8-26-16
28 Lilly/Stanislaus County Shelter/5-19-16 Alexandria Bolino/
San Jose/8-21-16
27 Rocky/Took in from owners in Grayson, CA/8-11-16 Vimal Sarayan & Jessica Jeske/
26 Arlo/Took in from woman who adopted from Stockton shelter but couldn't keep/7-10-16 Allison Bender/
Rancho Cordova/7-30-16
25 Maxine/Placed for owners in West Sacramento/
Evaluated 4-19-15
Emery, Malathy, Siddharth & Dharshani Parsons/Folsom/7-14-16
24 Debo/Took in from owners in Lincoln/5-29-16 Alan & Shirley Williams and family/
23 Sampson/Stanislaus County Shelter/6-11-16 Jonathan Heintz/Antelope/7-8-16
22 Rajah/Placed for rescuer in Rancho Cordova/
Evaluated 3-18-16
Don Bergen (children Angelina, Joseph & Zach)/Sacramento/6-24-16
21 Athena/Stanislaus County Shelter/1-5-16 Lisa, Charles, Caitlin & Caroline Duncan (male GSD Jake)/
20 Bella/Stanislaus County Shelter/5-19-16 Jeannette & Tanner Huggins (male dog Leo)/Paradise/6-20-16
19 Rio/Placed for owner in Loomis/Evaluated 3-29-16 Jeff Dorricott/Elk Grove/6-10-16
18 Huey/Stanislaus County Shelter/4-4-16 Peter & Sharon Davies/
West Sacramento/5-21-16
17 Natalie (renamed Kona)/
Stanislaus County Shelter/4-4-16
Salvatore & Carmen Colhour and family (Natalie on left in picture)/ Rocklin/5-20-16
16 Benny/Stanislaus County Shelter/4-11-16 Gary Federico & Cara Kinzel/
15 Tucker/Stanislaus County Shelter/4-30-16 John & Alicia Shively and family/
Yuba City/5-14-16
14 Milo/Sac SPCA/Returned by previous adopter/
Annie, Isaac, Nalani, Kayin & Kayona Ricard/Sacramento/5-6-16
13 Tina/Stanislaus County Shelter/4-4-16 Pearl Martin & Dave Dolson/
12 Adelle/Stanislaus County Shelter/3-14-16 Melissa, Art, Max & Rio Galicia/
San Leandro/4-30-16
11 Turbo/Stanislaus County Shelter/3-7-16 Bryan, Margaret, Aiden & Chloe Giovannetti/Sacramneto/4-28-16
10 Dillon/Stanislaus County Shelter/2-26-16 Geneva  & Rick Arnold/
Carson City, NV/4-9-16
9 Ernie/Stanislaus County Shelter/3-22-16 Tania & Rob Colderbank/
8 Nora/Stanislaus County Shelter/3-4-16 Tina Woods/Chico/3-31-16
7 Lucky (renamed Cappy)/
Stanislaus County Shelter/1-30-16
Dawn Maxson &Matthew Smith/
Hawthorne, NV/3-26-16
6 Bailey/Turlock Animal Shelter/8-22-15 Alex & Nick Popov/Vacaville/3-25-16
5 Leda/Placed for owner in Fair Oaks/Evaluated 2-2-16 Terry & Carolyn Edwards/
4 Delilah/Took in from woman in Sacramento who found as a stray/5-26-14 Shawn, Heather, Nicholas, Shawn Jr, & John Weiss/Dayton, NV/2-12-16
3 Cooper/Stanislaus County Shelter/1-5-16 Shawn, Heather, Nicholas, Shawn Jr, & John Weiss/Dayton, NV/2-12-16
2 Zero/Stanislaus County Shelter/12-15-15 Blake, Kimberly, Parker & Reid Hudson/Ilwaco, WA/1-25-16
1 Bodie/Took in from former owner in Woodland/
Rich & Brenda Klutz/

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