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GSRSV's 2019 
Rescue/Adoption Record



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Following is a table listing the dogs that GSRSV rescued (or provided placement assistance for) and placed in loving homes in 2019. 

GSRSV is primarily a one-man operation. While my goal is to rescue those dogs most at risk of euthanasia, a "full house" of dogs at my rescue facility and lack of foster caretakers limit my ability to rescue from shelters. Please help GSRSV save as many dogs as possible by becoming a foster caretaker!

Name of Dog/Place of Rescue/
Date of Rescue (or Evaluation) 
Name of Adopter(s)/
City/Date of Adoption
10. Sammy/Took in from fellow rescuer/6-3-19 TJ & Kaitlyn Middlemis-Clark/
South Lake Tahoe/11-10-19
9. Rajah/Returned by former adopter/4-30-17 Maria Gianelli/Herald/6-15-19
8. Blaze/Placed for woman in Lincoln/
Evaluated 9-16-18
Brent & Debi Erb/
Grass Valley/6-1-19
7. Diamond/Placed for woman in Lincoln/
Evaluated 9-16-18
Brent & Debi Erb/
Grass Valley/6-1-19
6. Lola (renamed Hazel)/Took in from man who found Lola in South Sacramento/12-30-18 Sarah, Joe & Zoe Ireland/
So Lake Tahoe/5-31-19
5. Honey/Took in from decased owner in Lincoln/
Margaret & Aurora Martinez/
4. Lady/Took in from deceased owner in Lincoln/
Andrew Martinez/Sacramento/2-20-19
3. Jasper/Placed for woman in Sacramento/
Evaluated 11-17-18
Dr Lisa Teske, DVM/Solvang/
2. Roscoe/Manteca Animal Shelter/11-29-18 Andrea & Steve Barnett (dogs Maya & Daisy/Elk Grove/1-19-19
1. Zoe/Placed for owner from Wheatland/
Evaluated 10-21-18
Betsy & Gene Bowen (dog Richard)/ Placerville/1-15-19

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