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GSRSV's 2013 
Rescue/Adoption Record



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Following is a table listing the dogs that GSRSV either rescued or provided placement assistance to and placed in loving homes in 2013. 

GSRSV is a one-man operation. I am presently focused on placing dogs whose owners/caregivers can no longer keep them. A "full house" of dogs at my rescue facility and lack of foster caretakers limits my ability to rescue from shelters. Please help GSRSV save as many dogs as possible by becoming a foster caretaker!

Name of Dog/Place of Rescue/
Date of Rescue (or Evaluation) 
Name of Adopter(s)/
City/Date of Adoption
42 Buddy/Sac County Shelter/12-9-13 Kathryn Carlisle & Cameron Lane/
41 Kimberly/Delano City Shelter/2-8-13 Kell Van Daal & Lisa Tran (with dog Blitz on right)/Elk Grove/12-11-13
40 Geisla/Lodi Animal Shelter/9-9-13 Cassandra & Jeff Siegfried (with dog Rheina on left)/San Lorenzo/12-7-13
39 Brew/Sac County Shelter/10-8-13 James & Christine Hall (w/ dog Molly)/
38 Rocky/Sac County Shelter/6-21-13 Jonathan Cavanaugh/
37 Bella/Contra Costa County Shelter (Martinez)/11-9-13 John Kearney/Citrus Heights/11-9-13
36 Zoe/Surrendered to GSRSV by former owner from Stockton/4-20-12 Stephanie Moretti & Dan Phan/
35 Bear/Sacramento SPCA/9-4-13 Debbie Douglass-Foulk & Family/
Elk Grove/11-4-13
34 Kimber (re-named Jaime)/Merced County Shelter/10-20-13 Stephen & Leslie Duprey/
33 Waffles/1-18-12/Placer County Shelter Gayle Derrer/Richmond/11-2-13
32 Morgan/Sac County Shelter/7-19-13 Mark Rosselli/Pacheco/11-2-13
31 Jeannie (renamed Artemis)/
took in from woman in Pleasant Grove/
Mike Taylor & family/
30 Maybe (renamed Daisy)/Placed for owners from Martinez/9-10-13/ The Frisch Family/Folsom/10-4-13
29 Gloria/10-10-11/Shasta County Shelter
(Redding, CA)
Jodie Poggi/Carmichael/10-1-13
28 Sampson/Yolo County Shelter/8-15-13 Greg & Kristen Wood (son Jameson)/
27 Diego/Sac SPCA/9-1-13 Steve & Mary Ray/
26 Sadie/Took in from former adopter/
Veda Hart/Fairfield/
25 Sasha (renamed Kalani)/
Tracy City Shelter/7-26-13
Delia & Oscar Aranda/
24 Roadie/Placed for owners from Stockton/7-14-13 Brad, Rosa & Isabella/
Citrus Heights/8-28-13
23 Woody (renamed Aikido)/
Yolo County Shelter/6-20-13
Leslyn McCallum/
Los Gatos/8-17-13
22 Chico/Placed for owner from Elk Grove/Evaluated 5-18-13 Frederick & Angela Lauridsen/
Pollock Pines/8-17-13
21 Delilah/Placed for owner from Elk Grove/Evaluated 4-13-13 Vickie Bunnell (& little dog Star)/Paradise/7-13-13
20 Sissy/Placed for owner from Carmichael/Evaluated 6-28-13  Tim & Rochelle Taylor (dog Molly)/
Nevada City/7-7-13
19 Scout/Born to Mia (rescued from Glenn County Shelter very pregnant) 3-3-12 Ken, Janet, Lauren & Nicole Breza/
Fair Oaks/7-3-13
18 Reggie/Sac County Shelter/3-27-13 Dave and Vicki Webster & Family/
17 Lucy (renamed Olivia)/
Sac County Shelter/5-2-13
Kathy & Rob Vossler/
San Jose/6-2-13
16 Mia/Glenn County Shelter/
Margaret Mallon (pictured w/ son Nico)/Truckee/6-1-13
15 Champ/Placed for owner in Reno, NV/
Evaluated 4-9-13
Trina & Ryan Hoogendyk (children Kees & Fenna, dog Emma)/
14 Polar/Placed for owner in Sacramento/
Evaluated 3-10-13
Bethany Golly & Jonathan McCauley (dog Sampson)/Yreka/4-6-13
13 Penny A./Placed for owner in 
Elk Grove/Evaluated 3-10-13
Damon, Karen & Jack Nelson (dog Pip)/Berkeley/3-31-13
12 Duke/Oakdale Animal Shelter/
Dan & Jodie Evans (dogs Sierra & Camper)/Oakland/3-22-13
11 Karma/Took in from woman in Elk Grove/2-4-13 Steve & Anita Yaffe/
10 Madge/Merced County Shelter/
Fred & Bettye Woods (male GSD Baron)/Fiddletown/3-11-13
9 Axel/found as stray in Carmichael/took in on 1-7-13 Dave & Chris St Peter/
8 Penny/Merced County Shelter/
Shana & James Nuñez (dogs Chico & Peanut)/Martinez/2-27-13
7 Willie/Sac SPCA/10-19-12 Joe & Julie Barnett (& dog Zoey) /
6 Koty/Placed for caretaker in Auburn/3-30-12 (evaluation date) Wayne & Donna Kusick (dog Buddy)/
5 Samantha/Took in from owner in Roseville who could no longer keep/
Matt, Maricel, Molina & Mateo Bohannan/Suisun City/2-9-11
4 Riley (renamed Sabu)/Merced County Shelter/
James & Sestuko Poland (female dog Eppie)/Grass Valley/2-2-13
3 Ranger/Merced County Shelter/
Kathy Gamble/Chico
2 Madius/Placed for former adopter (2011) who could no longer keep him/
Mike & Brandee Robbins & son Malakai)/Sacramento/1-29-13
1 Makenna/Took in from woman who found Makenna as a stray near Tahoe Park/12-3-12 Mark & Barbara Srack/

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