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GSRSV's 2012 
Rescue/Adoption Record



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Following is a table listing the dogs that GSRSV rescued or assisted and placed in loving homes in 2012. 

GSRSV is a one-man operation. I am presently focused on placing dogs whose owners/caregivers can no longer keep them. A "full house" of dogs at my rescue facility and lack of foster caretakers limits my ability to rescue from shelters. Please help GSRSV save as many dogs as possible by becoming a foster caretaker!

Name of Dog/Place of Rescue/
Date of Rescue (or Evaluation) 
Name of Adopter(s)/
City/Date of Adoption
29 Lady (renamed Lillie)/Placed for former adopters who were unable to keep her/
Valerie Bryce & Paul Theodoropoulus/
Rhonert Park/12-15-12
28 Rocky/Placed for caretaker 
from Rocklin/10-18-12
Judy & Steve Kell/
Nevada City/11-4-12
27 Heidi/Placed for owner 
from Placerville/9-4-12
Helen & Pat Tallon/
26 Charlie/Placed for woman from Davis whose son found Charlie/9-30-12 Nina Allen/
Nevada City/10-16-12
25 Rose/Merced County Shelter/9-14-12 Alan & Joan Shattuck/
24 Mikey/Placed for owner in Berkeley/
Jon & Leslie Daggett and Children/
23 Sage/Took in from owner in Placerville/
Vance & Marita Siebert/
Klamath Falls, OR/9-6-12
22 Prince/Placed for woman in Elverta who found Prince as a stray/
Jochen Woern & Son Matty/
Arden Park/9-3-12
21 Odin/Sac County Shelter/
Mark Ruggiero/
20 Lovey/Placed for owner in Dixon/
Dana Horner/
19 Jake/Merced County Shelter/
Catherine & Matt Doherty (GSD mix Daisy)/Davis/8-24-12
18 Ellie/Placed for family from Modesto moving out of state/7-16-12 Chuck Telford/La Grange, CA/
17 Pepper (renamed Logan)/
Placed for couple in Vallejo who took Pepper in from neighbors/4-23-12
Seth Heesy/Tahoma (North Lake Tahoe)/7-13-12
16 Jade/Placed for owner in Chico/
Ford & Wendy Porter/
15 Opie (renamed Moby)/Took in from woman in North Sacramento whose daughter found Opie abandoned in Dec. 2011/4-25-12 Joey & Mark Jones/
14 Donner/Born to "Mia", female GSD that GSRSV rescued from Glenn County Shelter/born 3-3-12 Brad, Tara, Gabriella & Natalie Mitchell, Dog Olivia/
Grass Valley/6-20-12
13 Emmett/Shasta County Shelter/
Cathy Shirley & Nick Mayer/
12 Sasha/Baldwin Park (Los Angeles County) Shelter/4-20-12 Sarah & Michael King/
Minden, NV/5-18-12
11 Baron/Placed for owner in Gold River/
Kari McConnell & Ken Dowell/
Elk Grove/5-11-12
10 Aslan (Ozzy)/Born to "Mia", female GSD that GSRSV rescued from Glenn County Shelter/born 3-3-12 Gil, Lori, Jolie, Demetrie, and Amara TopeteSacramento/4-28-12
9 Piper (at 4 wks)/Born to "Mia", female GSD that GSRSV rescued from Glenn County Shelter/born 3-4-12 Kyle & Becky Railton/
Tahoe Vista/4-27-12
8 Loki/Took in from woman in Sacramento due to conflicts between Loki and other dogs/3-17-12 Annastasia Tolley/
Los Molinos/4-26-12
7 Alexander/Found on streets of 
Wasco, CA/2-18-12
Nikki Pridham/Woodland/4-5-12
6 Sampson/Placed for owner from North Natomas/3-10-12 Michael & Jane Bleyberg (with son Mickey and GSD Violet)/
Verdi, NV/4-4-12
5 Mike/Placed for couple in North Natomas who found Mike/3-10-12 Nancy Dodaro & Thomas Del Brase/
4 Nikky/Stockton Shelter/3-4-11 Don & Kala Dean and Family/
El Dorado Hills/3-9-12
3 Solara/Pleasant Grove (placed for owners from Elk Grove)/1-8-12 Richard & Wyona Hagerty/
Granite Bay/2-26-12
2 Stryker/Sac SPCA/1-6-12 Ted Allen, Jr/Citrus Heights/
1 Rocky/Sac SPCA/11-19-11 Rochelle Brucker/

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