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GSRSV's 2014 
Rescue/Adoption Record



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Following is a table listing the dogs that GSRSV either rescued or provided placement assistance to and placed in loving homes in  2014. 

GSRSV is a one-man operation. I am presently focused on placing dogs whose owners/caregivers can no longer keep them. A "full house" of dogs at my rescue facility and lack of foster caretakers limits my ability to rescue from shelters. Please help GSRSV save as many dogs as possible by becoming a foster caretaker!

Name of Dog/Place of Rescue/
Date of Rescue (or Evaluation) 
Name of Adopter(s)/
City/Date of Adoption
37 George (renamed Niner)/Tracy City Shelter/10-23-14 Laurie Michael/Davis/12-26-14
36 Theo/Martinez Shelter Alex Clark/Pleasant Hill/12-24-14
35 Rose (renamed Kora)/
Placed for owner in Reno/
Evaluated 12-4-14
Andrew Miller/Sacramento/12-23-14
34 Henry/Merced County Shelter/10-22-14 Carol, Michael, Kylie & Nick Nicita/
Fair Oaks/12-20-14
33 Maya/Turlock Animal Shelter/11-22-14 James & Barbara Murray/
32 Buddy/Placed for owner in Reno/
Evaluated 12-4-14
Eleanor, Dave & William Shattuck/
31 Lucy/10-20-14/Turlock City Shelter Dan Stokes/Martinez/12-6-14
30 Astro/11-19-14/Turlock City Shelter Aldon & Mary Bolanos/11-19-14
29 Rocky/Took in from owner/10-19-14 Cathleen/Rogue River, OR/11-8-14
28 Aster/Merced County Shelter/10-31-14 Sarah Kulpa & Jason Forgette/
Reno, NV/11-8-14
27 Morgan/returned by former adopter/6-8-14 Lori & Rick Tucker (pictured w/ son Morgan)/Truckee/10-18-14
26 Logan/Concord (found as stray)/8-16-14
Wendy & Ford Porter (dog Jade, on left in picture)/Chico/10-18-14
25 Foxy (renamed Zina)/
Glenn County Shelter/3-2-14
Dennis Fecko & Danielle Chinnici/(Foxy on right in picture)/Reno/9-27-14
24 Shelly/Turlock Shelter/6-18-14 Martha, Jeff, Daniel, James & Gracie Helak/Elk Grove/9-18-14
23 Macy/Martinez Shelter/8-28-14 Jessica, Michael, Lyndon & Dillon Sweet/
Plumas Lake/9-10-14
22 Tchaikovsky/Placed for owner from Sonoma/
8-4-14 (evaluated for adoption)
Gino & Lori Scolari (male GSD Jax)/
21 Jeannie/Returned by previous adopter (adopted 10-8-13)/7-7-14 Carole & Richard Swan (& dog Murphy)/
20 Sammy/Contra Costa County Shelter (Martinez)/7-30-14 Alexandra Clark/
Pleasant Hill/8-14-14
19 Dakota/Sacramento County Shelter/5-8-14 Jonathan, Nicole, Dawson & Eliza Cline/
18 Rufus/Baldwin Park Shelter (Southern Calif)/
Desmond, Lori, Meredith, Amelia & Owen Parrington/Carmichael/7-5-14
17 Rye (renamed Ryan)/Tuolumne County Shelter/6-13-14 Scott/Pioneer/7-3-14
16 Lexi/Placed for couple in North Natomas/
Hilary Davisson/Sacramento/
15 Tilly (renamed Noche)/Placed for couple in Chico/6-6-14 Rachael & Bill Fassnacht, dog Mac/
North Natomas/6-20-14
14 Emily/Yolo County Shelter/4-18-14 Jim & Mary Wallace (little dog Teddy)/
13 Becca/Merced County Shelter/11-10-13 Brandy, Nya & Landon Novak/
12 Tilly/Turlock Animal Shelter/3-15-14 Billy Keen & Stephanie White/
11 Zemka/Yolo County Shelter/9-42-13 Janene Smith (Min-Pin Duke, Rat Terrier Nicki)/Colfax/4-3-14
10 Gretta/Sac County Shelter/1-20-14 Tom Guerra (dog Hank)/Volcano/3-12-14
9 Sasha/Lodi Animal Shelter/11-8-13 Rob (w/ girlfriend Mona) & Jarrett Nauman /Reno, NV/3-8-14
8 Gotti/Took in from woman in Stockton/
Marly Kennedy/Sutherlin, OR/
7 Max/Sac County Shelter/11-13-14 Kevin, Holly, Kiernan, Liam, and Janka Dunn/Roseville/2-25-14
6 Hannah/Placed for owner in Oakley/2-11-14 Christina & Jacob Bell/Brentwood/2-12-14
5 Sasha (renamed Sugar)/Placed for owner in Berkeley/Evaluated 1-3-14 Patsy & David Price/
Discovery Bay/1-28-14
4 Hans/Lassen County Shelter (Susanville)/
Scott, Kim, Anthony & Angelo Ocken/
3 Willow (from Clearlake)/Took back from former adopter/11-15-13 Judi Martin/Oakland/1-14-14
2 Randolph/Sac County Shelter/
Alexander Nowinski/
1 Willow (from Turlock)/Took back from former adopter/1-1-14 Katrina Sawa & Jason Bittenbender/

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