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GSRSV's 2017 
Rescue/Adoption Record



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Following is a table listing the dogs that GSRSV rescued (or provided placement assistance for) and placed in loving homes in 2017. 

GSRSV is primarily a one-man operation. While my goal is to rescue those dogs most at risk of euthanasia, a "full house" of dogs at my rescue facility and lack of foster caretakers limit my ability to rescue from shelters. Please help GSRSV save as many dogs as possible by becoming a foster caretaker!

Name of Dog/Place of Rescue/
Date of Rescue (or Evaluation) 
Name of Adopter(s)/
City/Date of Adoption
44. Rolfe (renamed "Waylon")/
Found as stray in North Natomas--
took in from finder/11-7-16
Ryan Jones & Desiree Holland/
Reno, NV/12-13-17
43. Mack/took in from former owner in Sacramento/
Kevin McInerney/Vinton, CA/11-17-17
42. Aldo/Placed for caretaker in Chico/
Evaluated 10-17-17
Dennis & Nettie Wolfe/Forest Ranch/
41. Hero/Placed for owner in Sheridan/Evaluated 10-21-17 Laurie Michael/Davis/11-5-17
40. Reilly/Took back from former adopter/ 10-9-17 Tricia, Rockie, Sam & Fiona Strachan (with little dog Alexander)/Sacramento/
39. Nar/Took in from owner in Auburn/1-1-17 Bob Mellinger (w/ dog Taffy)/ Cloverdale/10-15-17
38. Rocco/Took in from owner in Sacramento/
Jennifer & Dan Orozco (Jennifer pictured w/ daughter Sierra)/
Fallon, NV/10-8-17
37. Bailey/Placed for owner in San Francisco/
Evaluated 7-23-17
Ashely, Quentin, Nathaniel & James Arendain/Antelope/9-24-17
36. Rayna (10-wk old female GSD puppy)/Placed for couple in Benicia who rescued Rayna's mother/
Posted 8-16-17
Michelle, Robert, Jordan & Carly Schaider/Auburn/9-3-17
35. Hilo (10-wk old male GSD puppy)/Placed for couple in Benicia who rescued Hilo's mother/Posted 8-16-17 Katie Henshall & Michael McDaniel/
34. Eevee (renamed "Nymeria")/
Placed for family in Concord/Evaluated 8-13-17
Joyce, Marcus, Morgan & Jordan Yee/
33. Jasper/Lake County Shelter/7-28-17 Kelly Bender/Rancho Cordova/8-9-17
32. Shep/Placed for caretaker in Herald/
Evaluated 6-15-17
Alexis & Dustin Menchaca/
Yuba City/7-9-17
31. Bear/Took in from owner in Auburn/3-30-17 Phil Summers/Sacramento/7-2-17
30. Cali/Placed for owners in Red Bluff/Evaluated 3-19-17 Alyssa Okita & David Fuson (Cali on left, male dog Charlie on rt)/
29. Rio/Placed for former adopter in Elk Grove/
Posted 5-27-17
Nancy Dodaro & Thomas Del Brase (Rio on left, with Pomeranian Artie & GSD Mike)/Chico/6-10-17
28. Kira/San Francisco City-County Shelter/12-23-17 Rachael Applegate & Jon Russell/
27. Lady/Placed for owner in South Sacramento/
Re-posted 5-1-17
Brenda & Gary Martone/
Forest Ranch (near Chico)/6-10-17
26. Tiger/Stanislaus County Shelter/2-13-16 Kristen Blackwell/North San Juan/
25. Ava//Placed for owners in South Sacramento/
Evaluated 4-16-17
Deeana Richards/Elk Grove/5-17-17
24. Cooper/Stanislaus County Shelter/3-11-17 Becky & Brian Ward/
23. Tyler (renamed Dually)/Stanislaus County Shelter/
Heather, Kyle, Rylee &
Jocelyn Massey
(Dually in center of picture)/Wilton/5-13-17
22. Missy/San Francisco City-County Shelter/5-7-17 Angie, Ryan, Kinsey & Dylan
21. Gracie (renamed Luna)/Stanislaus County Shelter/
Mel, Jeremy, Alexandra & Danielle Stead/Rocklin/5-4-17
20. Rufus/Returned by former adopter from May 2015/
Dave, Teri, Murciealgo, Marcello & Luciano Del Dotto (dog Bullet on rt)/
El Dorado Hills/4-29-17
19. Bella/Placed for woman who found Bella
near Hwy 99 & Riego Rd/Evaluated 2-12-17
JD Watson & Tom Grenache/
Elk Grove/4-29-17
18. Scarlett/Placed for owner in Lockeford)/
Evaluated 3-26-17
Norma Ray/Pollock Pines/4-28-17
17. Ilsa/Placed for owner in Lockeford)/
Evaluated 3-26-17
Norma Ray/Pollock Pines/4-28-17
16. Maude/Placed for owner in Natomas/
Evaluated 3-27-17
Melissa Farley & Michael Helwig/
Paradise, CA/4-14-17
15. Khalipa/Placed for owner in Reno, NV/
Evaluated 2-21-17
Jamille Alimard & Family/
Virginia Beach, VA/4-4-17
14. Tazz (renamed Cal)/Took in from owner in
No Highlands/11-20-16
Christine Hinojos (pictured w/daughter Annabelle & boyfriend Jason)/
13. Murphy/Turlock Animal Shelter/3-11-17 Jim Taylor/Reno/3-14-17
12. Buddy/Placed for owner in Antioch/
Evaluated 2-24-17
Desmond, Lori, Meredith, Amelia, & Owen Parrington/Carmichael/3-9-17
11. Hunter/Placed for family in Elverta/Evaluated 2-4-17 Mark & Heidi Funseth (dogs Boomer left, Hunter center, Kona right)/
10. Kalie/San Francisco City & County Shelter/12-23-16 Lee & Suzanne Paoli/Sacramento/
9. Riley/Stanislaus County Shelter/8-8-16 Laurie, Dave & Evan Speth/
8. Bailey/Placed for owner in Marysville/
Evaluated 1-31-17
Rosemarie & Doug Speth/Carmichael/
7. Raven (renamed Olive)/Stanislaus County Shelter/
Michael & Jane Bleyberg (dog Violet on right)/Verdi/1-24-17
6. Eli/Lassen County Humane Society/12-12-16 Judith & Rob May/Tahoe City1-21-17
5. Elise/Took in from former owner in Elk Grove/
Tim, Audrey, Ava & Claire Brislin/
4. Leia/Placed for owner from Paradise/
Evaluated 9-30-16
Jackie Beebe-Cain/Redding/1-14-17
3. Bear/Placed for caretaker in Antelope who took in from co-worker/Evaluated 12-12-16 Patrick, Amy & Luke Delaney/
2. Koda/Took in from owner in Mather/12-31-16 Miyako Omari & Shohei Urata/
Walnut Creek/1-9-17
1. Ace/Stanislaus County Shelter/10-19-16 Martel & John Calabretta and Family/

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